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Headscratchers / Millennium

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1989 Time Travel film

  • If Bill was the only living survivor from the 1969 crash that killed every single other person, how did he survive without any crippling injuries?
    • Louise had just stunned him, so he was limp during impact. Truth in Television, drunk drivers who cause accidents are usually uninjured due to being limp and relaxed at impact, unlike the victims, who tend to tense up just before impact.
  • If the gate can pull in inanimate objects like it does Louise's clothes when she leaves the hotel room, why can't it do that to the stunners in the first place?
    • The Gate pulling her clothes through from the hotel room was because it had a line of sight to the object(s). Since the lost stunners were hidden under the airplane seats, the Gate couldn't get a lock on them to pull them back through.
  • If the air is so bad in the future, why aren't the passengers or Bill visibly recoiling from the stench once they enter the gate to the future?
    • They do in the book.
    • Even more extremely, in the original short story, they are kept in sterile airtight habitats.

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