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Headscratchers / Michiko & Hatchin

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  • In the episode where Michiko gets a fever, the last part of the episode is set on April 31st. Last I recall, April has 30 days. What's the deal here?
    • Translation error?

  • Why weren't the tattoos that Hatchin & Michiko explained? It seemed like it was set up to be an important plot point in the anime but was dropped rather fast.
    • They kinda got explained by them being some sort of connection to Hiroshi but that's about it.

  • That and who was Hatchin's biological mother? It couldn't be Michiko because in spite of being nun too bright I doubt she would forget giving birth to a baby. So that raises a lot of questions there for that as well.
    • The question exists, but it's of no matter to the story. Michiko wants to find Hiroshi through Hatchin, so she doesn't care who the mother is (a better question would be why she doesn't care that a guy she likes apparently had a child while she was in jail). Hatchin has had such a bad experience with adoptive parents that she also doesn't care; she sort of adopts Michiko as her new mom-Cool Big Sis and lets it be. It tells that after a while she's clearly not caring much about finding her father either, she's just doing it for the sake of Michiko, who she now considers her family. The story is about Michiko and Hatchin's relationship. Even Hiroshi is arguably a Living MacGuffin so that the girls have a reason to stick together and bond. Sure, it's a headscratcher who the real mom is, but it could really be anyone (Hiroshi clearly Really Gets Around up to a certain extent) and the story implies it doesn't matter to the girls, so it shouldn't matter to us as viewers either.
  • A minor one, but why did Michiko use a portrait of Hiroshi when looking for him in episode 3 when episode 6 reveals she had a photo of him? Wouldn't that make more sense?
    • It's been shown in a few episodes that Michiko, while not ditzy, can be rather absent-minded/scatterbrained, in which case, she probably didn't remember that she had an actual photo or didn't think to use it.

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