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  • On all the music channels, the video for "Smooth Criminal" from Bad is chopped in half, and it keeps switching back and forth between fast- and slow-motion. Why?
    • That's actually the official video released to the music channels, which even in The '80s couldn't devote that much time to one video. This version also appears over the end credits of Moonwalker.
  • I understand the Dangerous tour not making it to the U.S. and Canada (the child molestation allegations and painkiller problems of 1993 brought it to a premature end), but there's never been a proper explanation for the History tour afterward — which turned out to be his last — only doing two dates in Hawaii. Anyone here know why this was?
    • I don't really know, but his last concerts ever were held in New York in September 2001.
    • Probably the same reason as the Dangerous tour seeing as the concerts weren't held long after the case.
  • In This Is It, didn't anyone foresee a problem (at the very least, a credibility issue) with using different shots of Michael performing any given song, that are clearly from different takes made obvious by the fact that he's often dressed totally different from one to the next?
    • It's footage from many different days during rehearsal, so he's wearing different clothes. What's the issue?
      • The issue is that editing together so many different performances of just one song suggests that there wasn't at least one "good" full performance that could have been shown instead — that the cuts/edits are hiding, perhaps, what lousy shape Jackson was actually in by that point. Keep in mind that Jackson isn't even in full voice for most of the movie, ostensibly "saving" it. (After 1989, most of his live appearances were lip-synched, including concert tours...)
      • All the material is filmed from the rehearsals. Of course they would only use the best parts as it's not all going to be spot on.
  • Just who the hell is "L.T.B." who did the guest rap bridge on "Black or White", anyway?
    • Bill Bottrell, the co-writer and co-producer of the song. Bottrell suggested to Jackson that the song should include a rap section and prepared his own version as an example, but expected Jackson to bring in a real rapper such as Heavy D or LL Cool J to perform on the actual song. Instead, Jackson insisted that Bottrell perform the rap himself. Bottrell chose to be credited for the rap under the pseudonym "L.T.B.", which he later said was a reference to Leave It to Beaver.


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