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Headscratchers / Mega Man 11

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  • It was established in the series canon that robots with the "DRN" ("DLN") prefix were made by Dr. Light and robots with the "DWN" prefix were made by Dr. Wily. In the prologue, Dr. Light exclaims that Dr. Wily is stealing HIS robots, but the data shows them with the "DWN" prefix instead. So was it Dr. Light or Dr. Wily who made them?
    • Neither. The data files for each Robot Master shows that they were made by a variety or corporations, with Tundra Man for example being made by Dr. Cossack (or more specifically, manufactured by Cossack Robot Laboratories). Dr. Light most likely said "My Robots!" in the sense a medical doctor would say "my patients."
    • Additionally, the robots were stated to be modified for further combat and having the Double Gear systems installed into them by Wily in addition to being reprogrammed, which is a possible qualification for being given the DWN categorization.
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    • He probably thinks that the robots belong to him now, now that's he's made them better.
    • Other robots with DWN prefixes include the 6 set and Cossack robots, so Wily likely attributes any stolen robots to himself (barring the Light bots from the original game and 9).
    • Many of the DWN are robots Wily either stole or modified/repaired. Included are Shade Man, Cloud Man, Burst Man, Freeze Man, Astro Man, Tengu Man, Clown Man, Aqua Man, and Nitro Man. I'd give the complete list, but that's like a third of the Robot Masters fought in the games.


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