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1996 Movie
  • The kids not only pelt the Trunchbull with food, but with WATER BALLOONS. Considering the way Crunchem Hall is run, how and why would they have water balloons on their person at the time?
    • Perhaps every kid in school is looking for a chance to prank the Trunchbull?
    • I suppose Matilda's first act of standing up to the Trunchbull when she was abusing Bruce helped light a fire under all the other students. Lavender for example puts the newt in the Trunchbull's water as revenge for locking Matilda in the Chokey. Likewise Miss Honey was compelled to break Matilda out against the Trunchbull's wishes. Matilda had stood up to her in the assembly and that prompted them to do the same. So it's possible the kids may have been looking for opportunities to get back at her too.
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    • The answer might be found in the book, where the students do prank Trunchbull when they can. It's treated as a war — Trunchbull tries to oppress them and they fight back in the ways they can. This is most clearly showed in the book's scene where Hortensia is telling Matilda and Lavender about life at Crunchem Hall — where Hortensia in the movie just talks about the hellish nature of the school, book-Hortensia brags about the pranks she's played on Trunchbull. Though the kids in the movie seems a lot more cowed and oppressed, it's possible they do occasionally try to fight back with pulling pranks like their book counterparts.
    • The balloons are probably a consequence of the warlike environment of the school - as explained above. The water, however, as well as how the kids got such a supply on such short notice, has a very simple alternative explanation.

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  • How come the other teachers are not shown? Only three adults at the school are shown, all are women by the way.

  • Minor detail: If Matilda got the adoption papers by copying a book in the library, why is her name already typed on them?
    • The librarian went along with her plan and typed them up for her.

  • Perhaps the most obvious question: Yes, the Trunchbull gets away with her punishments because they're legitimately too insane to believe. Fine. But why didn't some of the parents raise objections when their kids came home, say—
    • Terrified and acting emotionally abused
    • Bloody or bruised
    • In the case of the 1996 film, five hours late? Especially considering that everyone else's parents are supposed to be great compared to Matilda's (see book and musical), what exactly is the deal here?
    • Adults Are Useless. Great but useless.
    • Values Dissonance Back when the book was first written - or from the author's childhood. Schools could probably pull stunts like that back in Dahl's day. For the "five hours late" stunt, maybe the Trunchbull called the parents and said that their children had "misbehaved and were in detention"... For all we know, the parents had the options of taking their kids home. We just know Matilda came home five hours late because her own parents are that careless.
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    • As for bruised and beaten, there are plenty of real life cases where children are bullied but the parents never find out. Children get into all sorts of scrapes, so a line about falling in the playground seems much more believable than getting thrown over the fence by the school's evil principal.
      • Eventually though the other families would hear similar reports among the students. This would prompt investigation. It seems that the Trunchbull hasn't been around for that long, maybe a few years, as when students graduate from there and become old enough they would be believed, then the Trunchbull would be screwed.

  • Anyone else think Trunchbull got off too easy? Considering she's implied to have murdered Magnus I think it would be better if she had died at the end (maybe having a fatal heart attack out of fear due to the "supernatural" stuff since it's been shown that for all her angry and cruelty she's really a coward at heart"

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