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    Episode 4: Princess of the Lost Kingdom 
  • It's established that denizens of Crystalia emit a tinkling noise when laughing. This later allows Juru to see through Galza's lies when he claimed Emperor Yodon brainwashed him and "robbed him of his emotions", as in his vision he heard Galza emit that very same sound after he kills Oradin. Thing is, Mabushina herself was there in person and within earshot; shouldn't she have heard it as well, and therefore realized Galza was lying from the start?
    • Probably same reason people don't realize what kind of noise they do when they breath until consciously try to hear it, usually because someone points it out, she is aware of the noise existing but her mind usually filters it.

     Whereabouts of the Queen of Crystalia? 
  • Where IS the Queen of Crystalia in all of this? With every king, there has to be a queen at his side. Has anything been mentioned or brought up at all regarding Mabushina and Takamichi's mother? Does she even know what happened to her husband? Is she missing or dead? Surely something will come up regarding Oradin's wife, right?
    • While Toku is known for dropping plot threads long before we get remotely near a satisfying conclusion, i'd agree that typically a queen can't just not exist without a reason. Takamichi gives us the knowledge that she seemingly was gone before he arrived, otherwise we'd have seen her alongside him in the family shot. Perhaps her potential reveal will come with more lore about Crystalia, and perhaps why Galza was turned?
      • Scans released within the last few days seems to show not only another female Crystalian which is likely the Queen, but the hunt Takamichi is on might be due to her. So you should get your answers soon enough.
      • Well Episode 18 reveals what happened: the Queen died because of the curse of the Witch of the Stagnant Sea's hand. Considering that Mabushina is at risk of being under the same curse, we may be getting some more lore along with another general on the way.

     Whereabouts the rest of the Crystalians? 
  • The only inhabitants of Crystalia we've seen are the royal family; we see no hint whatsoever of the smallfolk, not even a scene of them panicking when Yodonheim invaded. Not to mention that the palace is strangely devoid of guards, which are part and parcel of a royal household; one would think they would be present when Carantula invaded the palace, or that Oradin would have least taken a squad with him when he went to confront Numajo.
    • Watsonian explanation: everyone in Crystalia either fled like there's no tomorrow or they were killed by Yodonheim. Also, Oradin was taken completely off-guard so there was no way that he could get a squad in time to take down Carantula or Galza. Doylist explanation: budget and censorship (most likely the former) didn't really allow for it. Crystalia's scenery probably took a toll on the budget so they decided to forgo the rest of the Crystalians for the sake of moving the story along.

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