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  • Al is established to be very rich in the comic, and people believe that he's the son of Ted Turner. Couldn't he just pay Marvel to publish his comic, or have them publish it as a favor to his father? I know that there are so many other headscratchers about this comic, but this one seems like the one that should've been answered.
    • In-universe reason: To say that Al is a moron is to say that water is wet; the dude didn't realize the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, so it's entirely possible that he forgot he could just pay them off. Meta reason: Bill Jemas was most likely too busy whining about how his comic failed to even approach that idea.
    • For that matter, Ted Turner's Take That! at DC in the first issue would seem to imply that he's running "Dad's Comic Company" back in the year 2002. Couldn't Al approach his father's past self and have him publish the comic? There would be so much humor potential to be milked from such a meeting. But, as with the above, Bill Jemas probably wasn't smart enough to think of this idea.
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    • The whole point of the AOL & Ted Turner jokes is that at the time, AOL had merged with Time-Warner, which owns DC Comics. Turner had been the Vice Chairman of Time-Warner after they'd previously merged with his company, Turner Broadcasting. The "joke" breaks down when you realize the Turner had been AGAINST the AOL merger and the whole thing left him with little to no power in the merged company because it was AOL acquiring Time-Warner.

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