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Headscratchers / Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

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  • Okay... Why is Daisy a speed type? One of the playable Mario characters is actually known to be faster than Yoshi, yet has slightly above average speed in the game. I'm talking about Luigi here, who's fast enough to run over the surface of water for a little while.
    • Well, the developers were probably faced with two options: assign Luigi the role of a Fragile Speedster or a Jack-of-All-Stats since he's been both in previous games. It makes sense to put him in the same class as Mario since the only games that don't put them on equal footing are the Mario & Luigi games, in which Mario is the Glass Cannon and Luigi is the Stone Wall / Mighty Glacier and the dolled up Doki Doki panic where Luigi is the slow one. In everything else (Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., etc) the bros. have almost identical stats/abilities. Not exactly an answer, but maybe it offers a little insight. (Besides, how awesome is it to see Luigi beat Sonic or Shadow at a racing event, knowing full well that they're tailored to said event and he's not?)
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    • One would assume that since Waluigi was included he would be the Mario side's most obvious speed character but one could also assume the developers wanted some degree of gender balance in the four categories.
      • Waluigi's generally a slow character with good technique and defense, despite his long legs, so putting him into the Speed category wouldn't really fit all that well.

  • Alright does the Adventure Tours story modes in the handheld versions of these games mean now that Mario & Sonic's worlds are one in the same and that it somehow branches off into some real world locations? You know since it is a story mode and it did say it took place in Vancouver but afterwards Mario & Sonic's adventure took place in a place on that didn't seem to be Vancouver at all. If anything I'm even more confused about where Sonic's games take place in now since it referred to a real world location, it was a crossover story with Mario, the story took place in a non-Vancouver like place, and as we've seen in maps in Sonic and Sonic-related games the globe in Sonic's world is shaped nothing like ours. I don't really get it.
    • I like to think of it as an Animated Actors type of deal. Mario and Sonic are just video game characters, as are all his friends. They are perfectly aware of this, so when they do things like participate in the Olympics, it's them doing things outside of their usual fare. Sort of like two actors from a film billed to once-rival studios getting together for a round of bowling or something, and the media follows them and films them playing together.
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    • Yes, for the purposes of the handheld games that is indeed the case. They are both on the same planet that has fantasy versions of Beijing, Vancouver and London. In his own games Sonic's story still takes on not Earth and the Mario series is a modular franchise with a very loose continuity to begin with. Mario's cast and setting are just altered to whatever the creators feel like doing at the time while you could say Sonic is in a What If?.
    • So does this also indirectly make the Donkey Kong and Wario universes also a part of the same world as Sonic's? Which if I remember correctly considering Diddy Kong's appearance in Mario Spinoffs and the fact that Diddy Kong Racing's manual which stated that Banjo and Conker were friends Diddy had made also make the Banjo-Kazooie universe and Conker universe also the same world as Sonic and Mario's? I mean Banjo and Kazooie did appear alongside Sonic in the XBOX version of Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing plus is there any way the WarioWare series is part of it too? I mean am I right in guessing, that The Mushroom Kingdom (and other surrounding areas like the Bean Bean Kingdom), DK Isles, Diamond City (and the Wario Land series locations), Spiral Mountain (and Isle O' Hags), Timber's Island, Willo Woods (from Conker's Pocket Tales),The Fairy Panther Kingdom, Sonic's world (and all the locations in it) and the fantasy versions of the real world locations are all the same universe? If this is the case I'd say Sonic and Mario live in a world more massive than all the Pokemon games and their regions put together.

  • why does girl's clothes change so much depending on the discipline while the guys' (OK, only Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Eggman) one keeps the same for all?
    • Because overalls are more versatile than dresses?
  • Does anyone know why the London 2012 version doesn't use the nunchuk?
    • It does...
  • Why is Tails one of the slowest technical characters? The only reason he's even friends with Sonic is because he could almost keep up with him.
    • I think, in the first M&S game, only two from each team could fit into each category of characters (Speed, Skill, Power and All Around). Sonic and Shadow both take up the spots in the 'Speed' slots (obvious choices), Tails isn't much of a power type (therefore 'All Around' was also out), and Skill type is the only one left. Besides, Tails is shown to be quite skillful in the games and even in the cartoons (SatAm showing this in 'Drood Henge' and hints of it in 'Sonic and Sally'), so it works.
      • That doesn't answer why he's so slow, though. Eggman's a technical character, and he's one of the fastest characters in these games.
      • Maybe like Sonic he's purposely slowing himself down. Also, he's fast because he propels himself with his tails. He only runs o his feet in the game.

  • I can understand that Rouge may have wanted the trophy in Sochi for herself, but why did she have to team up with Dry Bowser and Eggman Nega to do it? Shouldn't Shadow and Omega be with her instead? Ok, I know that would put Team Dark in a bad light, but here, it looks like Rouge is brainwashed or something.
    • Omega was too busy being a boss character to keep an eye on Rouge. As for why she'd steal it, it's because she's also a jewel thief. Her rival event in rio outright has her challenge you for the gold medal you just won because she thinks it'd be easier than actually competing in the games. It's not much of a stretch that a shiny trophy like that is impossible for to resist stealing it.
    • But, why would Rouge team up with someone that would lock her away in a card and try to destroy her life by putting her in a power up system?
      • Let me answer that question with another question: Is Rivals canon?
      • Word of God id that it is, as it provides Eggman Nega's canon backstory.


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