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Headscratchers / Mad Father

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  • Aya's father's experiments. He takes different people's body parts to make dolls that don't rot. But... That's honestly no different from taxidermy. That's not a huge breakthrough—at all.
    • The doctor's version seems to have a certain amount of occultism attached to it, so maybe the corpses are preserved magically, allowing him to swap out pieces without needing molding putty or glass eyes or wire or any of the other materials a taxidermist uses. Being able to preserve a perfectly unrotted corpse without having to do or add anything to it would be a pretty big advancement of the art, at least.
      • Not to mention that normal taxidermy involves putting the skin on top of a mannequin modeled after the target species, which induces Uncanny Valley.
  • If Aya's mother's curse brought back the Doctor's victims as zombies and ghosts, why do they target Aya?
    • I figured that even if her curse was what brought them back they still had their own free will, and some of them figured (probably rightfully) that the Doctor would suffer much worse if they killed his most precious doll and left her body unusable as their revenge than he would if they just killed him.
    • Then why did one of the dolls help the Doctor by holding Aya down for him during the chase scene?
      • The dolls aren't working with the zombies. Remember that Coron (a zombie) is the one who tells you to burn the Creepy Doll, and that the other dolls then stab her. Also, several groups of dolls are exorcised and fall to pieces prior to the curse being fully lifted.
    • Because Aya didn't care about their suffering and was rapidly growing into a sociopath like her father. Remember that her motivation until the very end is to save the mad scientist from his well-earned comeuppance, and that she engages in some pretty horrific brutality throughout the game.
  • If Aya lives in a society where they are advanced enough to have chainsaws then how can she get away with murdering people with family in her clinic in the woods. Surely people would catch on relatively quick...
    • It is stated that one of the patient's family is in poverty. This means they are practically unknown to society, so raising concern will be relatively hard. This suggests that Aya knows that and takes advantage of that fact.
    • Chainsaws are Older Than Television. Modern co-ordinated law enforcement didn't exist yet. If you include hand-pumped chainsaws - which, interestingly enough, started out as medical tools - then they're Older Than Radio.
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