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EarthBound Beginnings / Mother 1/ EarthBound Zero

Mother 2/ EarthBound

  • Ness goes back in time to defeat Giygas, even though Giygas' influence is in the present. According to the Grandfather paradox it is impossible to go back in time and kill your grandfather because in order to do that you would be killing yourself, so you would be unable to kill your grandfather. So how would Ness stop Giygas' influence if it required him to go to the past to do so, thus removing Giygas' influence in the present and removing the reason Ness had to go back in time and defeat Giygas in the first place?
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  • Actually, the Giygas attacking from past is the Giygas of the future. By eliminating the FUTURE Giygas in the past is not causing a paradox but also cutting off his influence from tampering from the future (or Ness's present day) any further than it already has. Essentially, Giygas exists outside of time.

  • Since your party is turned into robots for the final area of the game, how and why are they still able to be afflicted with uncontrollable crying?
    • They still have human brains. Being that it's a psychic power that causes the uncontrollable crying status effect, it's all the brain chemistry and emotions involved, but without any way to actually express those feelings; what the effect loses in physical tears to ruin the victim's eyesight, it makes up for in distraction.

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