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  • In Winter, after the first uprising in Sector RM-9, Cinder and Wolf have been arrested, and the Lunar guard Kinney reports that he has fought and destroyed Iko. This is not true; in fact he has killed his superior so Iko would get away and could help Winter - but Cinder buys his report fully and is devastated about Iko's death. Why does Cinder not see that Kinney lies? So far, she's never had a problem seeing through the lies of a Lunar, and her Cyborg implants are not damaged at this point. There is no logical reason for Kinney to be able to fool both Cinder's Lunar senses and her technological advantage.
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  • Okay, by the end of Winter, there are four major "action items" for Luna's new government: the removal of the wolf soldiers from Earth and the re-integration of these soldiers into society (keeping in mind that some wolf soldiers have proven to retain their humanity and good natures, and some have been shown to be brutal, bloodthirsty monsters, and all have irreversible physical changes and psychological trauma.), the production and distribution of the Letumosis cure, both to Earth and to all of Luna, the restoration of freedom and citizenship of Shells (which is at direct odds with the prior, since their blood is needed to manufacture the cure), and improving the lives and right of Outer Sector residents, which is going to necessarily involve some level of wealth redistribution. This is a TALL order for a new regime, especially when there's guaranteed to be pushback from the thaumaturges and noble families, whose power and wealth will suffer from these changes. Fortunately, Cinder has a trump card: the royal blood superstition. As the true royal heir, her rule is accepted by everyone, even those who disagree with virtually everything she's going to do.

    So, she throws it all away because she doesn't really want to be queen or live in Luna. Somehow, according to "Something New", elections have been held less than TWO YEARS after Cinder's coronation. It's impossible that all those objectives above have been accomplished, and it's also pretty much impossible that use of the bio-electrical device is widespread (considering that a single prototype existed—and study on it had not yet begun—by Winter). are the thaumaturges not just going to force weak-minded people to vote their way? How are the Shells and underclass not going to end up right back where they were? And if it all falls apart, Cinder won't be able to pick up the reigns again, because she effectively proved the royal blood thing was a myth.

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