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So, Konnan is Prince Puma's mentor/manager. Why isn't he at ringside during his matches?

  • Have you seen some of the things they do? It isn't safe for a Manager to be out at Ringside!
  • As we see in Season 1, he not only stands ringside but gets right into Puma's ear during matches when it suits him.

Why didn't Sexy Star and Super Fly just refuse to wrestle in a mask vs mask match? It wasn't like Dario threatened to fire either of them if they refused.

  • Keep in mind that whoever won the match got to face Pentagon Jr after what he'd tried to do to Super Fly a week earlier. If they refused to wrestle in a Mask vs Mask Match, neither of them would get their hands on Pentagon Jr.
    • That's still not a good reason...
    • Because it would be boring and anti-climatic to refuse.

Why do they allude to Alberto El Patron having the AAA Megas Championship? It bothers me because Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr., who HATE EACH OTHER, are Tag Champions together in AAA as well. It's slightly inconsistent and having AAA'a title there makes me want to watch AAA... then I see that and start ranting about it.

  • Without doing too much research into it, my guess would be that it was because Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr. were some of the first characters established in Lucha Underground, while Alberto came along in the next round of tapings; introducing him with the title and Texano as his main rival was too good an opportunity to ignore, but by then it would have been too late to go back and grandfather in the tag titles in the Lucha Underground picture.
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  • They have the trios title, so there isn't any reason to introduce a tag team title to LU. The AAA title defense was probably intended to drum up some ratings, and not be seriously integrated into the storyline.

So, how did Dragon Azteca kidnap Black Lotus without dying in the first place? It's later established that there's a curse that will kill him if he enters the temple.

  • Did he grab her in a place that technically may not be in the temple? Either that or perhaps the curse wasn't in effect until after he got her.
  • Prince Puma was the contact in the Temple for El Dragon Azteca, and indeed the man who would later take up the mantle of El Dragon Azteca II recommended calling Puma to do it. It's at least implied, then, that the person who kidnapped Black Lotus was Prince Puma.

Why were Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro so quick to follow Dario's order to give Bael to Matanza? He just basically says "one of you three has to die for your failure" and rather than the Crew collectively telling him to go fuck himself and walk out, the two of them instantly agree to just throw Bael under a truck without hesitation. It would have been different if Dario had pulled a gun on them to force them to do it, which would then result in them being "in too deep" to get out once Bael's blood was on their hands, but without that type of forceful coercion then, no matter how much money he's paying them, it's hard to believe Cisco and Cortez would willingly become accessories to murder just to stay in the employment of a man who is not above cartoon supervillainy. The fact that Cortez is actually an undercover police officer just makes it even harder to swallow.

  • I don't think anyone would've put it past Dario to have let Matanza loose on all three of them if they tried walking out on him. (Plus, like was said above, it would've been boring and anti-climactic to refuse.)

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