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Is it just me, or was everybody just a little too grief-struck after Alaska died? I get that her friends would be super-sad, but it seemed as if everybody at the entire school was at least a little sad about it. And thing about that is, I've never been at a school where any one student was even known by the majority of students, let alone liked.

  • This is addressed, with Miles and co. calling out the majority of the student body for being "fake mourners" who only acted sad because they were expected to.
  • For some reason, as a child, EVERYONE at my school knew who this Troper was and I'm definitely no Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Not sure why (perhaps I just have a unique name?) but everyone knew me, from elementary school through high school, everyone I knew and grew up with knew me - and not just the people I was friends with, almost everyone in my class(es) and around school. So, believe my, dear Tropers, it can and does happen.
  • The tone set by the school can count a lot toward how the student body reacts. This troper went to a high school where an attending student's brother (an alumni) died in the Iraq War. The school was in a quasi-official state of mourning for a week, even though the overwhelming majority of us never knew the man in question. The presentation and atmosphere had a definite effect on all of us.
  • There were a few deaths of high school students that happened one year while I was in middle school. Even though we were in middle school, the deaths still affected us emotionally because everyone knew about it. And when I was in high school, I had a teacher who died suddenly, and when several students organized a tribute to him by insisting on everybody who could to wear a tie to school, even kids who had never had a class with him participated. Sadness from a person dying at your school can hit you, even if only through osmosis.

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