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Headscratchers / Library War

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  • If the library gets to have it's own military then why do the book stores, publishing companies, and authors have some form if protection? The book stores are at more of a metphorical gunpoint (and literal) than the library, the publishing companies probably have more to put up with than the stores that get in deep trouble for stocking the wrong books because the publishers release the books that the government does not like. Lastly the authors CREATE the books that are banned so the government might just want to kill it from the start and simply make the authors they do not like 'disappear' so they could not write anything else stopping the cycle at the start. They would at least need a guard.
  • The world simply does not hang together. In the era of the internet, book censoring is not going to work; the first thing the task force should do with the books is scan them and mirror internationally.
    • The Media Betterment Committee probably filters internet traffic to prevent anyone from accessing such content.
    • Another bothersome inconsistency is that both the Media Betterment Corp and the Library Defense Force are completely legal government agencies who are apparently allowed to shoot each other up on a fairly regular basis.
      • This is repeatedly expounded upon in the light novels, and I thought at least touched upon in the anime – one is a national government agency, the other is tied to local government.
      • In essence, the whole war between the Libraries and the Media Betterment Committee is a proxy war between the local prefectural governments and the national government of Japan. An equivalent might be an American federal force against a state militia. This also explains why the JSDF is sitting this out, as it's focus is to defend Japan from external attack, not intervene in a relatively bloodless civil war.
      • It's also legislated in the Media Betterment Act and (IIRC) in the Statement on Intellectual Freedom in Libraries (with doctrine from Director Inamine) that their engagements should be in library properties/facilities/places properly designated. And the MBC's job is to make sure that when they're in an op, they need to cordon the area so that civilians don't wander off. Dojo's early days as a TF operator was seeing a child run towards the children's bookstore his unit was defending and the MBC operator nearly shot a kid, although he's using a warning shot, is an example of the policy not being properly implemented.
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    • Another one is the modus operandi of MBC. Mostly we see them raiding the bookstores which is second most inefficient way of enforcing censorship (most inefficient would be raiding homes). Usually you would seek to control the publishers and/or distributors who make business by supllying bookstores (preferably by nationalizing them) and raids would come if there are rumors of samizdat being distributed or if there was a mistake in publishing process.
      • From the L Ns at least, they only act if tips are sent in, they hear rumors or if book/media property is on their watchlist.
  • If there are people willing to commit outright terrorism in the name of censorship, where the hell are the ones fighting for information freedom? Somehow it’s just the Library Forces against the MBC ‘’and’’ terrorists?

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