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  • Why is it that the villains have no compunction killing Superboy/Superman? True, he's trying to stop him, but they should know Superboy/Superman is really important to their history, given how he's saved the universe a number of times in the 20th/21st century/ Especially Legion villains born on Earth, who's premature killing of Superman would have a far more damaging ripple effect.
    • Maybe they think it's a different guy?
    • Quite possibly. How much has Superboy really announced that whole "I'm the real thing from the past and need to get back there alive and well or the entire timeline falls apart!" deal, anyway...and how many supervillains would be the sort of person to believe that even if word got around to them?
    • On the flip side, what are the Legion of Superheroes thinking when they send Superboy into the future for youthful hijinks? Even if it's a small chance, he could die and thus unravel the time-stream.
      • Perhaps part of Superman being such a great hero (on pre-Crisis Earth-1 anyway) was from the experience, training, etc. he'd gained by being a Legionnaire in his youth?
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  • If Brainiac 5 is so smart, can't he make Wildfire a containment suit that looks and feels more like an ordinary human? It would sure make things a lot easier with Dawnstar.
  • The original Legion Clubhouse. Its about the size of a phone booth on the outside, as big as a shopping mall on the inside. Is this a case of Units Not to Scale or Bigger on the Inside?
    • Definitely a case of Units Not to Scale. There are far too many rooms to fit, but they're all pretty small, and all have curved walls.
    • Wasn't the clubhouse said to be Bigger on the Inside due to existing in the fourth (spatial) dimension, at least in the Silver Age? Pretty sure I remember reading this in one story.
    • The Silver Age version explicitly used tesseract technology. Like the TARDIS, its entirely bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.
  • Originally, the Legion of Superheroes Era was set 500 years in the future, but it became 1000. On a meta-level, what was the retcon for?
  • With Preboot Bouncing Boy. It would appear his power to inflate into a ball is the reason why he appears overweight, and this was justified by the Silver Age issues when he lost his bouncing power (the first time). He became so svelte his teammates refused to believe it was him. However, in his origin story, he's depicted as looking just as tubby as he did after he could inflate into a ball. Future stories supported the fact that his power had nothing to do with his weight.
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  • It was revealed that the Postboot Legion was actually the Legion from an alternate Earth, Earth-247. However, the Postboot version of Ferro and his brother both came from the 20th Century of New Earth, which is now revealed to be the Earth home to Retroboot Legion. This raises the questions of how two separate versions of Ferro Lad, and his/their brother(s), could exist in the same universe one thousand years apart?
  • It was revealed in the last issue of the New 52 series that the team actually resides on Earth-2... which doesn't ever use the term, "superhero". Since, in that universe, Superman wasn't the first Superhero in any way, and Wonder Woman was, hence why powered people are called 'wonders'.

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