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Headscratchers / Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

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  • I'm having trouble grasping the time frame in this movie, particularly the amount of time it takes to get from Ga Hoole to St. Aggie's. When Allomere and his troupe leave, there's a montage that seems to last quite a few days, then cuts to Allomere finally arriving at St. Aggie's. Then it was a couple more days until he returned. Then there's no indication how long it takes for the Guardians to get there, and when Soren figures out everything, he and his group seem to get there immediately, which is not long after the Guardians arrival. Exactly how far apart are these two places?
    • Yeah, that montage does last quite a while, while in the end it seems like they flew to it like it was next door.
      • In the beginning the distance between their home and the Mountains seems to be a few hours, and later the area where they meet their new friends seems to be about midway to the Sea - and their forest can't be far, since the big warrior poet (forget their names) probably wouldn't have got that far to find his lunch (their nurse snake).
      • How about this explanation: Allomere purposely dragged on with his journey, giving the Pure Ones as much time as he could, knowing they were busy gathering flecks - while in the beginning it only took the owlets about a day or two to get to the Guardians (basically they only flew a bit, met the new friends, and then flew a bit more to arrive at the coast), but having improved in flying and knowing the road, it was less than a day of arduous flight.
    • Aside from Writers Have No Sense of Scale, there's also the storm between St. Aggie's and Digger and Twilight's place, and the storm that happens after traitor-owl leaves. They could've been flying into the wind for two days and we just didn't see it.
    • Keep in mind, the fastest the owls can send a message is the speed of a messenger owl. By the time Soren figures out that it was a trap, the battle might well not have yet started. Showing the figuring out and the battle simultaneously would be Artistic License, reinforced by the Framing Device.

  • Why exactly did Kludd hand over Eglantine to Allomere? They could've sent any random pair of owlets to lure the Guardians. It couldn't have been to goad Soren into coming, as both he and Nyra are furious that he and his band showed up. The entire reason Kludd kidnapped Eg was because she was an offering to Nyra, so why did he give her up specifically?
    • Wait, I think I've figured it out. Since they were going to kill all the Guardians, they would've invaded Ga'Hoole and simply reclaim her, though they still didn't really need to use her specifically for bait. I'll leave this up in case anyone else was wondering about this.
    • Kludd did it because he knew Eg would never join him and the Pure Ones, and he wanted to piss off his equally weak brother. He wasn't expecting Soren, who didn't have warrior training, to attack them back.

  • Did anyone else notice that Kludd's broken wing was his right one when hanging from the tree, but when he was walking up to Metalbeak's mask it was his left that seemed broken?
    • Theories:
    1) Kludd broke his right wing and they flipped the shot in editing.
    2) Kludd broke both wings, one looks worse than the other.
    3) Kludd was only pretending the right one was broken and the left one broke for real in the fall.
  • Ezylryb, or Lyze of Kiel, and Metalbeak must be seriously old. Also, shouldn't Ezylryb, and by extension the Guardians, already know that Metalbeak and the Pure Ones aren't myths? Why all the fuss?
    • Most likely, the fuss was about whether they were still around. Remember, they all thought that Metalbeak was either dead or at least done.
    • The Metalbeak that they fought probably isn't the same Metalbeak that Ezylryb fought in the legend. It's probably handed down to the most deserving male member, or taken by whoever wants the title.
    • Um yes, that was the same Metalbeak. Remember the reason he wears that mask in the first place was because Ezylryb disfigured him in the past. Unless the legendary battle was way way back and he did fight an "earlier" Metalbeak, which would indeed make him seriously old.
    • The same holds true in our world sadly enough. In our world, if you were to go around and ask random people about World War II, they'd give some of the most boneheaded answers. Even though there are people alive today who fought on all fronts, the legends of the war, and the true villains, are still alive today. The latter of which have lost most of their influence sure, but as long as they are around, they can still brainwash people into their beliefs. In short, Ezylryb and Metalbeak may just be among the last warriors who were alive at the time of the great battle, while the rest of the Owl World forgot about the war entirely and moved on from it.

  • I've been meaning to ask, but why exactly did Allomere betray the Guardians? I mean, he wanted the tree for himself, but what caused him to deflect to the Pure Ones?
    • I think that "wanting the tree" is the whole reason. He's obviously disdainful of the other owls there, so I'm guessing he's just power-hungry and wants to control them.