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Headscratchers / Left Behind (2014)

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  • Why are there so many containers of explosive liquids - including the tanker truck the plane almost hits - at the highway construction site? Do they need that much fuel in so many different containers?
  • How does the motorcycle Chloe takes (it's owner having been raptured) still has gas? If it had been running at the rapture, after this many hours it should be almost out of gas! (And the headlight was on, too - despite the rapture happening in daytime). Did the owner conveniently turn it off before leaving for heaven? How thoughtful!
    • Bikes, like cars can have their electrics live without starting the engine, if the owner left the lights on after driving at night, then turned the bike off and was just starting the bike in the morning when they were raptured it would still have fuel and that would explain why the light was on.

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