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Headscratchers / Las Vegas

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For the NBC television series:

  • This show has no consistant threat. There is no Big Bad, somewhat obviously. A use of The Rival would have kept things interesting, as I had originally hoped an alternate casino to appear as competition and keep things interesting, perhaps even given it's own season to establish itself before Montecito and Casino X started battling for fat cats. Instead, it relies on a paper-thin Monster of the Week formula where every week, some cheat or jerk is trying to knock over this one casino. One would think that Ed is such a badass that they would go try one of the other casinos on the street instead.
    • The Palms was the closest thing to a proper rival. And some people actually thrive on risk. There's a chance there are several crimes that the team never figures out, but the viewers are never shown.

  • This show has no role for law enforcement. Though casino security is a private security force that can't do much more than kick you off their property, this show has the cast routinely go dish out justice off-property in various locales.
    • That's not so much "justice" as "bustin' heads". It is pointed out by an irate detective when Danny and Mike try to investigate something outside the casino—and nearly get themselves blown up—that outside of their casino they're not licensed "to help an old lady cross the street". Danny has a friend on the force in early seasons, the 'Cito has a few highly-paid lawyers, and there's a long Vegas tradition of breaking fingers to find out who ripped them off. Any questionable events could be made lost in the filing system, even if the victim actually went to the hospital, and/or decided to piss off Big Ed or Big Ed's Protege.

  • In the episode with the stolen mummy, Mike had to undo a latch or screw or something to let Danny out of the hidden compartment under the armored truck's floor. So how did it get latched in the first place? Danny couldn't have done it from inside his hiding place.
    • Maybe one of the thieves latched it when he noticed it was undone, or it's an automatic latch?

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