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Headscratchers / Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal

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  • When confronting Janga in Volk's factory, Guntz is shocked to learn that his bronze hero medal, a memento from his father, Butz, used to be gold, two ranks up, in said father's possession. If Guntz didn't know Butz's medal rank, then how did he know Butz had a medal in the first place, let alone inherit it?
  • Janga poisoning Klonoa during the cutscene following the former's boss fight is treated as a dramatic plot point, as Guntz and Pango spend the following level trying to get Klonoa to the Lunar Base's medical wing to get him an antidote. Yet Janga is also able to poison Klonoa during the boss fight as well, and that can be cured using vegetable juice or an inn (or prevented altogether using a Claire Crystal), like with other poisons in the game. Gameplay and Story Segregation and Plotline Death aside, why didn't Guntz and Pango consider using any of the aforementioned healing methods on Klonoa before trying to take him to the medical wing?