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Headscratchers / Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

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  • What would happen if Leorina rang a bell that Klonoa already rang, or vice versa?
  • There's the part where you have to shut down the 2 generators of Volk. You have the choice of going to the one in Volk City or the Underground Factory first. If you choose to do Underground Factory first it's straight back to Volk Hall with the fight with the guard bot where after the fight Leorina shows up and reveals the reactors were decoys and the real one is ready to blow in the city. Sounds simple? Well no: If you choose Volk City's reactor first you are then required to do Underground Factory next and then it's Volk Hall's boss. The outcome is the exact same. HOW!? The reactor thats about blow in Volk City is the exact same one in the city if you chose to shut off first. How did it suddenly turn on again? Also how could both reactors be decoys if one is the exact same in the exact same place that you shut off? Why didn't the developers just make it so you have to go to Underground Factory first? Then the whole decoy thing would make 10x more sense!
  • In the first game, it's explicitly stated in the end that Klonoa cannot stay in Phantomile because of the Song of Rebirth, but there's no such thing in this game. And no one seemed to have the slightest problem with having him around. Which is to say, Klonoa could have stayed in Lunatea and finally had a real life, with friends and no repercussions whatsoever... So why didn't he? Geez, when is that third installment gonna happen?
    • In the final cutscene, Lolo alludes to why, when she says that "this isn't your home, is it?" It's implied that Klonoa does in fact live somewhere, and yet he's forced to travel between worlds, and leave them despite any connections he may have made. Also if you consider the perspective of "Klonoa as the player character" then it makes sense that despite staying would lead to a happy ending, you have to close the game eventually. Sorta like what Undertale muses on, really.
    • That depends on the nature of the portal Klonoa walked through at the end of the game. Even before he departs, you can see the same rippling effect on the ground beneath his feet. So unless the portal only appeared because Klonoa wanted it tonote , it probably wouldn't be a simple matter of walking away from the portal.
  • When Leorina uses the four Elements to reveal the bell inside the statue of Claire the Ancient, it's referred to as the Fifth Bell. But later, the King of Sorrow says he revealed the Fifth Bell by using the ark to lift the veil, which suggests he's talking about the bell in Hyuponia that Klonoa rings at the end of the game. It makes more sense that this would be the Fifth Bell, since it's the one that's actually in the fifth Kingdom and contains the fifth Element. But then, what was that other "Fifth Bell" all about?
  • Why is it called "The Ark Revisited" if it takes place inside a different ark? It's of similar design and uses the same type of engines, but it's clearly a different ark because there's a cutscene where you see them both at once, and Ishra's Ark stays behind after the other ark leaves.
  • Why does Lolo demand that Leorina "give the Element [of Discord] back" when Lolo never had it to begin with? Even if Leorina were willing to part with it, she rang the Bell herself and obtained it first, so she wouldn't be giving it "back" to Lolo. To be clear, I'm not asking why Lolo demands the Element from her; it's just the specific wording she used which doesn't make sense.
  • Why does Klonoa refer to Leorina's ring as a "fake"? It seems to function identically to the original.