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Headscratchers / Kindergarten 2

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  • In the mission "Creature Feature" the 3 missing students are somehow alive even after being mutated and killed after the principal swallows their corpses and then dies from Nugget drilling into her eye. They're even reverted back to normal (aside from being covered in green goo).
    • The kids somehow aren't mutilated from being in the goo, yet the principal mutates into a one-eyed monster from being dropped into it.
      • We don't know how the creatures' biology works, so the kids might not have actually died when they got stabbed with the claw, just knocked out. As for the goo, it mutated the principal, who fell into it non-mutated. It's possible that it unmutates mutated people who fall into it, and the children just fell into it by virtue of being swallowed by the principal.
  • Why aren't any of the students (especially the ones from Kindergarten) shocked when you die from "Getting sent to the principal's office."?
    • Same goes for being shot by Dr. Danner or Monty's wheelchair lasernote .
      • Clearly the kids from the previous school are used to their classmates being murdered by adults/other classmates by now.
  • If you talk to Ozzy before school, he tells you that three of his friends were moved to other schools. However, Billy and Lily tell you on their route that the "rezoning" was a cover for the kids being kidnapped, and one of the three kids in the Principal's lab didn't go to that school in the first place. What happened to Ozzy's third friend?
    • There's a possible explanation for that: The monster loose in the "New Nugget Cave" had to come from somewhere, after all.
  • A lot can be asked about the secret ending.
    • Why is Nugget behind the bookshelf before school? Does he stalk the kid?
      • He's behind the bookshelf because that's where the ritual site is.
    • Why is there a secret room behind the bookshelf containing a pentagram?
      • The secret room is the site to place all of the talismans from the first game. In the first game, the ritual site was located in the Nugget Cave. In this game the Nugget Cave isn't dug until recess, so Nugget needed a different place to hide it. Maybe the kid had the biggest secret room available.
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    • Despite the ending from Kindergarten, why does Nugget treat the kid as a friend when he's not yet proven it?
      • A number of the cards need to have Nugget’s quest finished, its possible he has some omnipotence.

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