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Headscratchers / Kick-Ass 2

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    Would Not Hit A Girl 

  • Dave doesn't want to hit Mindy because "you're 15 year old girl". Was he even paying attention last movie???
    • It's not clear where they are for that scene and if it's a room at their school, someone could come in at the wrong moment and would see Dave trying to punch a much younger girl.
    • This scene occurs at Hit-Girl's private HQ. No one else could walk in on them. Dave says in the movie that Mindy is smart, beautiful, funny, and strong when she comes to him for comfort after being ditched in the woods by the local Alpha Bitch, and doesn't seem to mind Mindy kissing him at the end of the movie. Perhaps it's because he's attracted to her and cares for her?
    • I took that as being more "I'm not willing to punch a 15 year old girl for no reason" as he thought she was just going to take it.
    • Dave embodies the boyscout type superhero, regardless of knowing how strong a person is regardless of Gender he still has his standards.

    The Breakup 

  • Why does Katie get all the blame for the breakup in the sequel? Yes she says she was cheating on him - but didn't she have reason to think Dave was cheating on her? He seemed to be totally neglecting her in favour of that 15 year old girl he disappeared from school for parts unknown everyday. Seems they both behaved pretty poorly.
    • Because Katie knows that Dave is friends with Hit-Girl, what Hit-Girl's age is and what happened to her father, and it should have been obvious to anyone who knows Kick-Ass' identity as she does. Dave was an idiot for not even telling her "Hit-Girl's decided to give me self-defence lessons and I couldn't make her change mind", but Katie could and should have confronted him about it.
    • To be honest though, Dave really doesn't seem to have too much of a problem with the break-up, seeing as he soon hooks-up with Night Bitch, and later, seems fairly okay with Mindy kissing him.
    • I do not think Katie knew who Mindy was (at least from a movie perspective, never read the books), but I got the impression from the first movie that Katie was kind of a slut. She may have just been looking for an excuse to dump Dave once he was no longer Kick Ass. She seemed to go for the bad boy type and at the same time wanted to change people. Those two concepts can't exist together. Chalk it up to stupid highschool kid emotions.
    • From a movie perspective, I think it was just a big excuse to get rid of Katie so the audience could see the psuedo attachment Dave develops to Night Bitch so the scene later is more emotionally involving for the audience. Consider that in the events that follow the break up, Katie is not even remotely mentioned. That seems a case of being Put on a Bus to me.
    • I think so too. For a long time, during production, it was unknown if Lyndsy Fonseca, Katie's actress, could reprise her role as she was also shooting for Nikita. In the end, she could only play a small role and apparently the best way to include her while still having some sort of "effect" on Dave is by taking a level in Jerkass and breaking up with him in a manner the audience would remember, perhaps also as a nod to her character in the comics. I'd rather seen that Dave just mentioned their breakup in his opening narration, but oh well.
    • It makes her to blame because she had been cheating on him all along, before she thought he was cheating on her, making her a hypocrite for getting angry over it.

    Mother Russia in the Gulag 

  • How could Mother Russia have been in the Gulag? The Gulag was dissolved in 1960. That would mean that Mother Russia would have to have been born in 1942 at the very least. She doesn't look 71 years old.
    • Dramatic effect, more than likely. In-universe, would you call her on the accuracy of that statement?
    • It could just be that they think Russian Prison equals Gulag.
    • The Gulag agency that governed the penal labor camps in Siberia was dissolved in 1960 along most camps. And was immediately replaced by a less strict system of penal colonies, the worst of which (reserved for the worst criminals) being like the old Gulag camps in everything but name. Do you think she cared of the change in name after being imprisoned in one of those? That, or Javier just got it wrong.

    Justice Forever 

  • did Dr. Gravity upgrade his tin foil-wrapped bat like that?
    • Hit-Girl's hideout has some pretty crazy gadgets. She probably distributed and rigged a few of the heroes' weapons since she knew the fight was going to be very bloody and ugly. That or Dr. Gravity had quite some free time to tinker with the bat, since he was sick during the prostitution ring raid.
    • I believe I heard, in their opening patrol, that Dr. Gravity exclaimed he wasn't actually a physics professor, but worked at a patent office as a deviation from his comic version. Aside from that being a nod to Einstein, I imagine that would have been an invaluable resource for all kinds of gadgetry. Just poured over schematics relating to miniaturized pneumatics until he found something he could build into a bat-like housing.

    Sick Stick 

  • Why doesn't Mindy get kicked out of school on the spot for using the sick stick? (She should also be arrested for using the device, but at least we can assume Marcus bailed her out.)
    • It's not clear how much time passes after that. She's certainly sent home for the day—there's no way out of that, and in all likelihood she just went home on her own anyway—but it might be they didn't have time for the parent-teacher conference before the funeral where she killed a bunch of people with a cop's gun, which made it all a moot point.
    • Mindy did get suspended from school because of it, and like you said, Marcus would bail her out if the police got involved.

     Chris D'Amico's age 

  • In the first movie, he mentions to his father that he'll "be 18 in 8 months." If this one takes place no more than 3 years later (owing to Mindy just now starting high school and Dave being a senior), why is he still being home-schooled and referring to himself as a kid?
    • Did he ever refer to himself as a kid? The adults refer to him as a kid, certainly, and his mother was so broken after his father's death she didn't want him to go off to college, but there's nothing implying he's still under eighteen. His uncle even suggests he go to college instead of doing his whole revenge quest.
    • "I'm like, the richest kid in New York."
    • With that much money and that little responsibility, he is essentially still a kid who does what he wants.
    • I think it is pretty clear Chris is insane. Considering his previous experiences, I always assumed he was always "playing" at everything he did... like a kid. He wanted to play mobster, he wanted to play double agent, he wanted to play super villain, and at the same time crime lord. Nothing he did struck me as being grown up and the way that he acted further enforced the idea. Thinking of himself as a kid is probably exactly how he thought (even if he "wanted" to be an adult) so he just enforced his own mental instability with the idea of never really growing up. If he had listened to his uncle (and the example his uncle provided) he would have ditched the whole super villain thing right then and taken over the family business for real (and possibly had his uncle killed as a means of showing he had "grown up"). He didn't, he just went further into his little psychosis.
  • A 17-year-old calling himself the "richest kid in New York" is not that weird. Especially since there are many richer adults in New York than him. "Richest kid" is probably the most impressive qualifier he could use without misrepresenting his wealth. Which would be pointless.
    • He's not 17 anymore, though. He's more like 19 or 20 due to the Time Skip. Still, it isn't unheard of for college-aged adults to refer to themselves (and be referred to) as "kids". E.G. The term "college kids". I still refer to myself as a "fat kid" even though I can legally buy alcohol.


  • Now that the police in New York City are arresting anyone wearing a superhero costume, what are they going to do on Halloween? It'd be the perfect night for a vigilante to sneak in some crime-fighting.
    • It was my impression that after the epic finale, not many people wanted to dress up in hero costumes anymore anyway. But thinking about WHO would be dressed up on halloween in a hero type costume? Adults in hero/villain costumes? Hell yeah arrest them and sort it out later. They should know better after all the media hype surrounding the ban on vigilantism.
  • * With the crackdown and ban on costume adventurers publicly known, in-story people dressing up as them for fun may be seen in a similar way as people who joke about being terrorists at the airport are.

     Dave's I.P. Address 

  • It's been a while since I read the comics, so I can't remember if everything related to finding Kick-Ass via I.P. happened there, but I clearly remember that in the first movie, Big Daddy masked Kick-Ass' I.P. after finding him. Assuming that it didn't work anymore two years later, why didn't Dave either learnt how to do it himself or ask Mindy for help with that once he decided to put the costume back on? That would have prevented the police from finding him and arresting his father, and saved the latter's life
    • Because he just didn't think about it.
    • Pretty much the above. Generally speaking Dave is kind of dumb. Or at the least he is not really that smart for a super hero. He doesn't do a lot of things he should. Big Daddy and Mindy are about the only two "real" heroes in the films and even Big Daddy had his faults. Like trusting Dave to be smarter. Maybe based on the ending of this movie, if they make a third, Dave will finally be a real super hero and be smarter about protecting his and others identities

     Col Stars and Stripes 

  • I have to wonder why Col Stars and Stripes, given his background from the movie, and his generally badder ass character, would accept the rest of the group (even Kick Ass himself) into a little super team? Most of them were beyond worthless in the beginning, and Col S&S was clearly on a mission like Big Daddy had been. Why was he not more careful in selecting fellow heroes into the fold. Heroes that had real combat experience. Perhaps even a test of their skills of some sort?
    • He's a born-again Christian and believes in kindness and acceptance of others who wish to do good. He also trains the rest of the team to be more effective fighters.
    • Because they AREN'T beyond worthless. He is clearly doing the majority of the work, but even Remembering Tommy pulls their weight.
    • He was just as badass in the comics. He was also very supportive and cared for his teammates as people and respected them as individuals who wanted to do good. It wasn't an issue of how worthy they were—it was that they had a shared ideology and understood each other's drive to be superheroes. The comics realist trappings showed that it was as much a support-group/hang-out as it was a crimefighting team.
    • Because he knew they would have done it anyway, so he decided to make sure they'd do it right.

    Killed six with a cop's gun 
  • At the end, Hit Girl specifically cites the fact that she killed six guys with Marcus's gun as the reason she can't go back to him, but of all the kills she makes, that's easily the most defendable as it was clearly armed guys and dangerous guys holding a hostage with rational reason to believe that Dave was in mortal danger (and later demonstrated to be actually true). So why, of all the crimes she did commit, did she cite the one that is justifiable?
    • When she did her kills before, she used her own weapons which she could easily recover and dispose of when the time came. As well as the weapons of the bad guys she was fighting which could be matched to them should an investigation be underway. But in this case she used a cop's gun. A gun that in both movies and real life could be traced back to that cop. Since that cop happens to be Marcus it wouldn't take them long to arrest her or arrest him as an accessory. If she ran Marcus could state that she stole his gun, which is what she counted on.

    Why isn't Mother Russia the main villain 
  • She seems more dangerous and cunning than Chris. Plus, she's a badass henchgirl. Why not kill Chris and take over his organization?
    • She is certainly more dangerous and cunning. Why doesn't she kill Chris? 1, he is paying her. Killing him would cut off the paycheck. 2, She is a killer for hire. Most likely she simply wasn't interested in actually being the one in charge. Simply being his right hand woman worked enough for her.

    The new love interest 
  • What's the point of hooking Dave up with Night Bitch? She is just as wild and sex starved as Katie. Does Dave have a thing for the wild and naughty types? I don't see her as a serious girlfriend.
    • Dave has a thing for any even remotely attractive women. He's a young guy with an overactive libido; he's not going to turn down sex.
    • There's nothing serious between these two. They have sex with masks on, not knowing one another's name, face, or much anything at all beyond the fact that they both like to beat people up while wearing costumes.
    • That's not exactly a small part of their identities. At least, it's most of Dave's.
    • That's arguable; and even if it weren't, one still couldn't call this relationship "serious" since neither of them cared to know ANYTHING ELSE about the other, apart from this one thing they both do in their spare time.

    Dimwitted Cops 
  • I'm sure the cops have seen Kick-Ass on tv dozens of times. Why would you suspect a middle-aged man of being Kick-Ass and not the young teen living under his roof? They didn't bother investigating some more? Also, how do you murder someone in a POLICE STATION? Did all of the cops went out for doughnuts or something?
    • Ralph D'amico had a guy killed from inside prison, and discussed it on camera. There are enough crooked cops that it wouldn't be too hard to pay someone off.