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  • "In fact, the original start of the Vongola was apparently a vigilante group founded by Vongola Primo and his Storm Guardian before it became a Mafia family." How that works is beyond explanation.
    • Not really; a lot of real organized crime groups started out as "neighborhood protectors" to some extent. Even the Taliban in Afghanistan started out as some seemingly nice, pious young men who rescued some abused young women from a local warlord.
  • If Squalo never cut his hair after making the promise to Xanxus, then how the hell does he still have bangs when the rest of his hair has grown out?
    • I think he meant cutting them all the way. He could still trim them from time to time so they wont bother him too much during fights.
      • It's likely they got cut when he was in battle. We see that happened in his battle with Genkishi- Future Squalo (who doesn't have bangs, you'll notice) has a shorter lock of hair in the front that we later see was cut by Genkishi. Present Squalo's bangs were probably cut by someone else- be it Lussuria or one of his opponents who momentarily had the upperhand or one of their slices was right in front of his face. While slightly convoluted, considering Future Squalo doesn't have bangs lends credit to the idea that he didn't elect to have bangs of his own accord. They might have been cut weird in a fight, and Lussuria fixed them (possibly against Squalo's wishes or knowledge when Squalo was asleep). Of course, it's also possible Squalo's bangs are long in the future because of Pea-chan, and Squalo never cut them after that, but Squalo doesn't seem like he'd accept help from Pea-chan, does he?
  • It bothers me that despite the fact Tsuna comes home pretty beat up and passed out, his mother doesn't seem to be as worried as she should be. I know they used the whole sumo wrestling competition as an excuse, but do you really get that beat up from sumo wrestling?
    • Being incredibly oblivious is kind of her comedic schtick (at least in the anime).
  • It bugs me that they keep their Mafia background a secret from Haru and Kyoko. At first it made sense, but then they traveled in time 10 years to future, back home for a week, then again in future, saw their friends (and big brother) use some strange powers and weapons and lived in a secret base filled with weird inventions and weapons where they trained with their older selves. While girls stayed in kitchen. Literally. It didn't occur to them to say something like "Actually, Tsuna is a new head of Mafia, but it's okay! He's not going to be a bad guy and he actually wants to stop the real villains... oh, and Lambo is one of us too."
    • Can't remember if it is just in the anime (I do go through both though), but at one point Tsuna does sit them down individually and tell them EVERYTHING, after the girls went on strike over being left out of discussions. The anime handled their reactions splendidly. Pretty realistic all things considered.
      • OP: Actually, I just got to that part and yeah, it was done right. But the problem still stands; what took them so long?
      • 2ndP: From what I've seen, it seems like Tsuna didn't want to burden them with the sheer enormity of their situation. (The HORROR!!!) And it'd be pretty hard to give them an idea of what's going on without backing up into other parts. They just didn't realize how much keeping the girls out of the loop was affecting them.
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    • The real question is, what took HARU AND KYOKO so long to complain about that situation? They travelled to the future and saw their friends fighting and all that stuff and only weeks or months after they tried to find out what is happening. Seriously, are they so slow?!
    • They probably think that Tsuna would eventually tell them when the time is right. Kyoko and Haru aren't as involved with the actual Mafia conflicts either until the future arc. Though maybe it was moments before Choice that they had enough. Haru also knew of the mafia but I think she probably didn't know of the full dangers of the Mafia Tsuna was to inherit.
  • When Ryohei visits his home in future he discovers that he'll eventually get together with Kurokawa. And that's all fine and all, but then why wasn't she evacuated when Millefiore Family attacked? Adult!Haru and Adult!Kyoko were and, judging by the picture in his room, it wasn't a secret, meaning she's in as great danger as anyone else associated with Vongola Guardians.
    • Maybe because they were on their way to evacuating her when Nosaru and Tazaru attacked TYL!Haru, Kyoko, Lambo, and I-Pin?
      • She doesn't live that far away from Kyoko, that doesn't make sense not to get her when they get Kyoko.
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    • Knowing Haru and Kyoko, they were probably protected, but went outside their protection or their protection was compromised in some way, forcing I-Pin and Lambo to take action. Kurokawa probably has protection, too, but not a body guard. Notice that Tsuna didn't notice her residence until she got his attention, and Kyoko didn't notice it either at first. Considering that, I would guess she's protected by illusions that either make you not really notice the residence (akin to perception filters) or make it invisible the magic protecting Number 12 Grimmauld Place]) unless you know about it or your attention is drawn to it by someone inside it. It's possible an illusion could work that way, since illusions are only as real as you think they are.
  • How they hell was this shounen? Seriously, there hasn't been this many bishies since THE PRINCE OF FREAKING TENNIS!!!
  • Just how old is Belphegor? At first he seems to be around age of protagonists, but then there's the flashback 8 years later and he looks pretty much the same. I was willing to accept that he's just the type who looks young, but then he appeared in Future Arc and he looks slightly older then his present self. Just how does this guy age?
    • He's supposed to be sixteen, but this troper and almost all of her friends assumed he was around 18-20 upon seeing him.
    • But if he's sixteen, then why does he look the same in the flashback eight years earlier? He would have been eight, but he looks exactly the same as the present Belphegor.
    • This could just be an Adaptation-Induced Plot Hole since Bel seems to be absent from the manga flashback.
    • Bel was 8 in the manga flashback, looking as he did when he told the story of him and his brother to Fran in the TYL arc's Bel's flashback (whew!).
  • Did the Varia ever fill the void after losing Gola Mosca? They quickly replaced Mammon, but 10 years later there was no mention of another Cloud Guardian.
    • Well, Lussuria did say that he was going to heal Kikyo after he was shot point-blank by Xanxus, so maybe Kikyo becomes their new Cloud Guardian in the future.
  • Is Xanxus technically 16 in the present? After all, he was frozen in ice for eight years, so technically, he never aged (he is 24, but if you subtract the eight years when he was frozen, you get 16).
    • Maybe Dying Will Frost works different than regular one.
    • But he looks exactly the same from when he was frozen and when he shows up during the Varia arc.
    • Dying will Frost puts things in a stasis like state, so it's not surprising about Xanxus looks the same.
  • And how did Luche have Aria if she was an Arcobaleno?
    • I'm not sure I want to know.
    • The Sky Arcobaleno are something onto themselves. They seem to be only (non-broken) ones capable of aging. Since they can age, they can...well, you know.
    • In the anime filler, it is shown that Luche was pregnant before she became an Arcobaleno. Not sure if that is canon though.
      • It's canon. One of the manga art pages that shows the Arcobaleno as adults has Luche pregnant.
  • If Ghost was sucking up everyone's flames through the rings, then how come nobody decided to take them off? After all, most (if not all) of them don't rely solely on boxes.
    • If I remember correctly the flames were being absorbed even from rings that weren't being actively used; taking them off probably wouldn't have achieved anything.
  • When Fran is at the house 10 km away from the Vendicare/Vindice with the rest of the Kokuyo Gang, after they broke Mukuro out of prison, why is he still wearing the frog hat? After all, he doesn't want to wear it and the only reason he does is because Bel makes him wear it as a tribute to Mammon/Marmon/Viper.
    • Because Mukuro also makes him wear it as a tribute, maybe?
    • He wears a tomato hat in the current timeline then a frog hat ten years later. I suppose it's just the frog hat he doesn't like.
      • It's an apple hat, by the way.
  • Where is Lambo at the Inheritance Ceremony? He was shown on Ryohei's shoulder, but wasn't there a few pages later. Was he an illusion? I mean, it makes sense that they wouldn't want a 5 year old at a serious event, but it looks like Lambo in the top left panel, next to Ryohei. But then in a later chapter, Reborn says that they need to go wake up Lambo.
    • He was hiding when the fighting started, if that answers your question.
  • When'll they use the Dethperation/Dying Will Bullets again?
    • So Last Season. Rebuke Shots in pill form are what is big now.
      • Recently, they were used, but Reborn claims it has a much stronger effect.
  • Okay, from what I understand of the usual fictional time travel gimmick, affecting the past will and does have consequences on what happens in the future. KHR avoids this for the most part, since the entirety of the future arc...well, is in the future. If the Vongola members had been given amnesia of some kind and at some point, that would've been fine. Only, they aren't, and they clearly retained all recollection of the things that happened ten years later as well as those handy dandy upgrades they picked up. So the fact that the younger Vongola members remember everything that happened in the future would mean that something in the future would be changed, right? Only it isn't. And that's not all — they bring back their box weapons. You know, the ones that are specifically stated to have been invented in the future? And they went through a whole scene explaining why they couldn't bring them back before the went home! Why hasn't anyone in the past noticed the obvious leap in technology? Did the - admittedly short bit - of the future after the past Vongola go home that we see split into an Alternate Universe? Is the timeline fractured? Is this a a future plot point? What's going on?
    • Vongola Ring Weapons is kind of up in the air (probably that they can't be identified as being Box Weapons if they aren't boxes at all), but you're right about the alternate universe, that was the point of Uni bringing back the Arcobaleno. They Arcobaleno go into the past and seal the Mare Rings, thereby preventing that future from happening, and by extension making it worthless to know about what happens in that alternate universe.
    • Okay, that makes a bit more sense, although it still bugs me that Tsuna and co. willingly brought back their weapons despite having it explained as to why they couldn't. Also, I know that the entire future arc was necessary to to get to that point, but makes me wonder if it was worth waiting for so long only for it to be rendered meaningless.
    • The weapons within the boxes were modified into rings so it wasn't clashing with the technology in the present and it's not like they can use them anyway since the Original Vongola Rings are gone. Plus I don't see why they can't keep their memories? I think they DON'T a chance of that future to come to pass since there was a lot of devastation and loss. So they are probably erasing that future and the parallel ones or time will 'correct' itself. As for the Uni thing, it's not like she can go to the future and warn the Arcbaleno. You have to not only find a way to get hit by the Bazooka in the past (which is extremely unlikely since even TYL!Shouichi and Tsuna wasn't aware that the Arcobalenco had the ability to render the Mare Rings obsolete) and try to convey all the info in five minutes and make it believable. They couldn't travel into the past on their own, remember. They were only able to keep someone's past form in the future by preventing and storing their future selves. The Future Arc is pretty convoluted but it did make sense on the whole.
  • What do you think Daemon Spades's and the Vendice's mystery attribute is?
    • My money's on something like Disharmony or Chaos. It basically throws other flames out of whack and causes contention between them.
      • That maybe a great idea for a future villain, but I don't think it will be that, since you know, they're the Mafia supreme court and alcatraz wardens, so chaos doesn't fit well with that, and the biggest power of Daemon so far is his ability to copy all other earth and earth elements except Tsuna's and Enma's (didn't want to be redundant and say earth and sky again) and multiply (which also opens the theory that all Vindice are really copies of Bermuda Von Vichtenstein
  • Is it just me or did Daemon Spade seem to completely miss the point of his goal?
    • Yeah, how Vongola can survive if Tsuna who is the only heir is killed? I mean... the ring can't be used anymore that way.
  • I believe that in Chapter 330, Enma created some black holes. So why aren't the people who aren't fighting getting sucked into the black holes? And this is while they're standing a short distance away and with Reborn talking about how black holes have immense gravity.
    • Well, normal black holes are so powerful that even light can't escape. Given the fact that Tsuna managed to navigate them with relatively little difficulty, they're probably weaker and have a limited range. Or something like that.
    • The black holes and stars that were created were higher up in the air and farther away from the spectators (the black hole that went out of control is shown to have been strong enough that it was slowly pulling in things from across room and was slowly affecting Reborn and the others), and then the fact that basically they were all acting on each other (if you look at the black holes you can see that they are all facing each other due to Tsuna being between them, which since they all have the same amount of gravitational pull would basically cancel out any major pull they would have on the area. Tsuna only escaped one of them and then avoided everything else by flying away from their influence. It was probably because Enma was Brainwashed and Crazy and was so focused on Tsuna that he didn't realize that he was making his own attack useless. That and the weaker gravity are the answers.
    • Probably follows the Rule of Perception, like Do Not Touch the Funnel Cloud or Convection Schmonvection, but with black holes instead of tornadoes and fire. If you are not in contact with it, it is not affecting you.
  • How did subbers get 'maggot' from 'kora'? I've checked my Japanese-English dictionary and my Japanese-Japanese dictionary, and they both say that 'maggot' is 'uji'.
    • Who's says it? If it's Colonnello, then it would be a transliteration: he's got a Drill Sergeant Nasty schtick, and they call people maggots.
    • If you're talking about the Crunchyroll subs, they have errors all over the place, such as referring to Uri and Mammon as male (despite neither being given a gender and should therefore be "it" and "them/they/their" respectively), calling Kangaryuu/Garyuu "Mangaryuu"/"Manny" and calling her a male even though Kangaryuu is specifically pointed out to be female by Gokudera, have Bel's brother call himself a prince rather than a king, and referring to Xanxus's Sky-Storm Liger as "Besta", not "Bester". That said, "kora" is actually is a slightly informal and slightly rude way to say "hey!", like you're getting someone's attention. As to why it's translated as "maggot", it's probably just a connotative translation rather than a literal one. I personally think they should have used "hey" and "maggot" depending on who he was talking to and what he's saying, but that's just me, since "maggot" doesn't always make sense (like when he's talking to Lal, his superior, for instance). It's worth noting they also translated "VOOOOOI" as "hey" and not "you", like what it actually means.
  • There was an obvious Art Evolution but didn't the last arc's art devolve? Some scenes less visually striking to me and it was harder to differentiate them. For example compare Hibari vs Adelheid with Hibari vs Xanxus.
  • Why are Adult Lambo and Adult I-Pin referred to as such when they're only fifteen years old? It also makes Hana's Likes Older Men shtick odd considering 10YL Lambo is the same age as the classmates she despises (though I suppose that could be justified as being an appearance/personality thing rather than literally being older).
    • It's probably an Appearance over personality thing with 10YL! Lambo.
    • Well, 15 IS older than she is. She's 13 when she meets him.

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