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  • Anime: why is biting someone such a big deal? Karin freaks out when biting Kenta or his mother is even mentioned. It's not like there's any adverse effects or anything. I understand it's supposed to be taken as a metaphor for something, but doing "something" to a random stranger or risk losing control is somehow better than a consenting friend? Explain!
    • Only read the manga, but she's just a confused kid and it's all in her head. Even her family flat-out tells her to do it, and HE gets mad and/or disappointed. But with him it's an intimate act; not a biological function. She keeps over-thinking things until it becomes a complex. The most pertinent reason is because she's worried it will progress their relationship, and relationships with humans are considered a taboo.
  • The manga's ending. Ok, so the family erased her memory and left Kenta as the Secret-Keeper. But what about all of their classmates who knew that Karin had a little sister? What would happen if one of them casually brought her up in a conversation? I mean it's just a huge plot hole.
    • And it only gets worse after that. Imagine how odd it will look when she gets older and everyone she meets finds out she has no memories of her family whatsoever. What does Karin even think happened to her family? Did Kenta lie to her (and his mother) about her family moving or something? Even if she believed some fake history Kenta told her, Kenta had only moved to town relatively recently, so wont Karin and everyone else going to wonder who she lived with before then?
      • Well, it depends on what exactly he told others (and presumably Karin). If he told them that her family was dead for a long time but she acted as if they were still alive because of the trauma (her teachers only talked with her parents via phone, which means it could really have been anyone; she talked about her family occasionally but nobody really saw them spare for Anju and her brother at night, and her sister erased the memories of those who remembered who she was when she awakened with her brother erasing memories of pretty much anyone who saw him; she worked part-time and earned enough money to pay for her own food and other things, and there undoubtedly were people who saw her buy food for just one person which would be weird if she really was living with a normal family; heck, she admitted to making her lunches herself and often said that "her family sleeps when she is awake", which can be interpreted as a denial of someone whose family died) and that she only came to acknowledge it because of him, people might be inclined to believe that, especially if she herself did not remember anything about her family (other than "they are gone") when they asked.
  • What about at the plot whole that the ending left? One of the main reasons to wipe her memory was because she was happy now and didn't need to inject blood to anyone but what would happen when Kenta dies, or their marriage become rocky or have a discussion? She would return to her old self
    • The whole blood giving thing was tied to the spirit of Sophia, who was inhabiting Karin's body in the last iteration. Since Sophia has left Karin's body as Kanon, then Karin's blood making powers are gone as well. Period.
    • Even if things didn't work out with Kenta, Karin was now free of the burdens of a vampire and would be able to move on and live without Kenta just like with any other human couple breaking up.
  • Another problem with the ending. Karin's family wanted her to be free to live life like a normal human now that she no longer had to worry about injecting blood. But why would having her family around prevent her from doing this anyway? Even before Kenta showed up in her life, she was living a perfectly normal happy life, with the monthly blood injections being the only thing stopping her from living a normal human life completely. Now that this was no longer an issue, she could very easily continue living like she always has, by just going to school and work like an ordinary girl and coming home to her family that just happens to be made up of vampires. The only downside is that Karin's family was nocturnal, which meant Karin spent a lot of evenings with no one around, but even if this were such a serious issue that Karin would have to move in with Kenta and his mom, there was absolutely no reason to erase her memories and prevent her from ever seeing her family again.
    • Sometimes it's better not to know you have something rather than know it is there but you won't ever be able to properly reach for it. Had she stayed with them she would not be able to move forward, and since she was not a vampire now (and it would be unlikely for her child to be a vampire), she no longer had any real future with vampires. So sure, she could still try, but at what cost?
      Maybe her family was right, maybe they weren't, but their fear of Karin ruining her chance at living a normal life by trying to be with them was real. That is why they did it. And sometimes ... people make mistakes. Was that a mistake? We don't know, but she seems happy with what she has even if she thought her family wasn't there.
  • The anime's ending confuses me. They all bit Victor to rid him of his evil mind- they got rid of his lies, pride, envy, etc. Fair enough. But, as demonstrated with Fumio, don't the effects of vampire bites only last for a set amount of time? After Karin bites her, she's happy and energetic as opposed to sad and depressing, like she usually is, but only for a month or so. Wouldn't Victor eventually revert back to the way he was before?
    • He would, if left to his own devices. But he only became grouchy because of Winner having been bitten by a vampire, and now that he is the same as before the accident but won't see Winner being bitten again, he'll become a better guy.
  • The Date of Kenta's birthday is quite confusing. In a Omake it's said that Kenta is a Heisei-era child, while Karin is a girl of the Showa-era. This makes sense, cause the story takes place mostly in the years 2003 and 2004. But in volume 10 Kenta's birthday has flipped to February 29th 1988, which is of course also Showa. But because Karin is older than Kenta, she then would have been born on October 10th 1987, and she would be 16 at the beginning. But Chapter 1 says, she is 15. But there is no 29th February in 1989. The other way round also don't work, the whole 14 volumes play within a year, and only on 2004 there was a leap day. Hasn't anyone seen this big mistake while producing the Manga?
  • Another example of Writers Cannot Do Math: In the series, vampires awaken in their adulthood usually in their early teens (usually in middle school). The manga chapter 26, it's stated that Karin's mother Carrera is almost 100 years old. Then, the extra story of Volume 5 is set to 1953, or 50-51 years prior the series. There is portrayed a teenager(-looking) Carrera who is said to be "just awakened" by her father-in-law James. Either Carrera really was almost 50 when she awakened (which would be bizarre in that series), the definition "just awakened" is really flexible, or then the author has made a mistake.
  • What is Anju holding on the back of volume 14? It looks like some sort of map, but I don't think that's it...