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Headscratchers / Kamichu!

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  • What exactly is Yurie a goddess of? Every other god or goddess in the series is specifically an Anthropomorphic Personification except her, it seems. A couple people address it but she never answers, nor does she seem to know.
    • She is likely a goddess of the elements, especially wind, seeing how she can effortlessly create typhoons, although it's strange that this never comes up later in the series. Maybe she is also a goddess of communication, seeing how she manages to come into contact with aliens and ghosts of warships alike. And then, of course, there's the possibility that she's simply the goddess of middle-schoolers, which might mean that she will never grow up and be a middle-schooler forever.
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    • Personally, I see her as one of two things: The goddess of Young Love or First Loves. Why? Well, to start, she spends nearly the entire series trying to get closer to Kenji. Also, outside of one or two incidents where she was simply over excited, she only manages to fully exert her powers when they are tied to Young Love(saving Kenji as well as the beach episode). Any other time she used a significant amount of power, she passed out. Even something seemingly simple like scrying caused her to faint 3 times.
    • Yurie actually tries to find out what she's the goddess of, but doesn't ever seem to find the answer. Though it's implied that you need to study to specialize into a specific branch of godhood. Also, there are local deities who represent places rather than concepts. Yurie could simply be the goddess of her home town.
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    • She the god of her own anime, hence her powers work as the plot demands.
    • That little boat spirit does mention that the previous god keeps Yamoto's spirit in his ocean domain as a prized possession. Now it's Yurie who has control over the domain and can allow Yamoto to return to his home port. So she might be an oddjob god with sea god as one of her spheres of influence.
  • Why does Yurie fall in love with Kenji? He may be somewhat handsome (as far as we can tell from the art), but he is, frankly, a total weirdo, and not to mention pretty aloof toward Yurie for most of the series. Even when they finally do get together, Yurie doesn't even have a smidgen of the chemistry with him that she has with Matsuri, of all people.
    • Crushes are weird like that.
      • Indeed. How often does the question of, "What does s/he see in him/her?" come up in life? Kids especially tend to crush on others for reasons that often aren't clear even to themselves. (Also, what's wrong with weirdos?)

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