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Headscratchers / Kakegurui

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    The Debt Swapping Game 
  • I am really not understanding how exactly this game works, as in relation to the debts. The Council will pay the debts of whoever ranks 1st, but their debts will actually become the debt of the person owning less money in the table, is that it? Did Mary got 260kk because she received the money to pay the 310kk she pretended to have in debt but paid her 50kk in debts? I am really confused in how the money got around with that game.
    • The person who came first swapped debts with the person who had the least debt, the person who came second swapped with the second lowest etc. But if the person with the least debt won then in order to not swap with themself, the council would then forgive that debt. The person with the least debt was Jun, but since he didn’t win that didn’t matter and he simply swapped his 10 Millon yen debt with Mary. As for the second part, to the best of my understand, the point of the debt swapping party is to have the student council assume all the housepet’s debts so they can then collect on it later. To that end, they payed the original creditors the full debt so the housepets only owed the money to the council instead. Now, as Yumeko only reported 50 million of her debt, that didn’t matter much and she owed it to the council anyway. But Mary over reported her debt of 50 million as 310 million. So the council asuming that debt (presumably taking away the 50 million she still owed the council in some way) left them to pay 260 million to Mary’s creditor who she reported as Ryota. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense.
    Just Give Her What She Wants 
  • Yumeko keeps telling people over and over that she is only here for the thrill of gambling. She craves a high-stakes game without any cheating, or at least, none that are one-sided, as she enjoyed the Debt Swapping Game despite all of the cheating, since it evened the playing field and added a wrinkle to the game. Yet people keep trying to stop her from playing with the one person she desires to play with above all else, as well as trying to cheat her when she clearly has proven herself more than capable of detecting when something is being stacked against her. What's wrong with letting her go up against the President in a fair, unrigged game with no betting limit?
    • Most likely, the gamblers don't have any confidence in themselves or their own skills, rather playing it "safe" with cheating than finding out and expose themselves to the experience of losing. They just are that insecure and terrified of facing "loss".
    • The majority of people with a position of power in the current social order Kirari has set up at the school obviously don't want Yumeko to have a chance to take all the debts that allow Kirari to maintain that order. For the Momobami clan members, it's a bit more eh, but basically Yumeko's not rolling in votes like Kirari, and not part of their alliance, so she's the clearest competitor for them to take out while she still has a small chip count and can't knock them out too.
    How dumb are Mary’s trio of classmates? 
  • Perhaps I’m missing something here but during the War Game Arc Ririka openly states that Rin is from a family of swindlers so why didn’t that automatically make the trio question whether they were being swindled themselves?
    • I don't think it is that they are dumb. Rin convinced each of the three that they were his accomplice in swindling the other two. It isn't that they didn't understand that he was a liar. It was that they fell for his charm and convinced themselves that he was lying to everyone else but them. That is why they were all shocked to find out that they had all been lied to in the same way and why they were so angry.

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