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Headscratchers / Junie B. Jones

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  • In "Cheater Pants" Junie B. copies another girl's assignment on what she did over the weekend because her dad wouldn't let her stay up to finish it. If she had time to copy someone else's homework, why didn't she just use it to write her own?
    • Keep in mind that Junie B. is only like 6-7 years old. Little kids don't think rationally in situations like that. At the time when Junie B. was copying May's assignment, she probably though that the particular assignment was a "right or wrong" assignment, and not based around your own opinion and thoughts. It's only when the kids were asked to get up and share their assignments with the class that Junie B. realized that she was screwed and realized should have done her assignment earlier.
  • In "Junie B. Jones is not a Crook", Junie B. Says that if she ever got sent to the principal's office again, she would be "grounded, yong lady" as told by her mom. However, "Junie B. Jones is a graduation girl" Junie B. gets sent to the principal's office, but she doesn't get into trouble.
    • Well, Junie is an Unreliable Narrator and parents don't always keep their word.
    • For the graduation one, it's understandable. The school year is pretty much over and she was going to graduate, so punishing her for being sent to the office at that point would have been pointless.


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