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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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     Sex Pistols eating 
  • Sex Pistols are depicted eating food, and even demanding Mista to feed them and outright refusing to work when they're hungry. But aren't Stands a manifestation of the user's soul? So why do they need food? And what happens to the food they eat, does it indirectly sustain Mista as well?
     Carne passing Polpo's test 
  • If Notorious B.I.G./Carne's Stand only activates upon death, then how did he pass Polpo's test? Even if the arrow killed him to bear the new Stand, how could Notorious B.I.G. disappear after passing Black Sabbath's trial? Also, it wouldn't have made sense for Diavolo to instantly pick him as a part of his personal guard without actually knowing what he does. How could he have known?
    • This is just speculation, but maybe when Notorious BIG killed its victims, Carne came back to life? Stands have done weirder stuff. Or maybe it was a positive version of Cheap Trick, which simply finds a new host when the old one dies.
    • He did not do the test with Polpo, but with another boss. If he did, he would have been in Giorno's gang.
    • Also, he would know he's a Stand user if he could see other Stands, so he knew he must possess a Stand. They seem perfectly willing to throw him at the enemy and unleash his Stand, however, potentially without knowing what it would do, which still doesn't explain how they knew the Stand activates upon death of the user. Maybe either another, unseen Stand user could determine another person's stand ability through prescience, or it could have activated once when the user was near-death, and then later was resuscitated, which cancelled the Stand's power, but not before other members of the group witnessed the stand themselves.
    • If you look closely, you can see Carne activate a stand before he dies, so his stand wasn't activated on his death, it just evolved with it. The Notorious B.I.G we see for most of the arc is likely actually Notorious B.I.G ACT 2, if you will.
      • If that's the case, then that raises another question: what would Carne have done if Mista hadn't killed him - suppose Mista had only shot him once in the leg to disable him?
    • Cioccolata said that Notorious B.I.G was 'powered by grudges' similar to Ebony Devil from Part 3. Likely, Carne assumed that if he died he would have a massive grudge against Bruno's gang, therefore his Stand might even be able to survive his death. After all, what grudge is bigger than the one you hold against your own murderer?
     Being zipped apart: Bruno vs Zucchero 
  • In part 5, when Bruno used Sticky Fingers to separate Zucchero's head from his body, no mention is made of ill effects. But when Bruno separates himself into pieces, it's stated that he can't breathe anymore. Is there something different about the two cases? Is it because Bruno separated into so many pieces?
    • It's because he separated certain organs in half (lungs or heart?), which apparently is different than separating full body parts. This doesn't really hold up logically considering how many organs are technically separated when removing the neck from the body (throat, brain stem, spine, and even the skin is an organ), but the internal logic seems to be dividing the lungs or heart causes some serious trouble. It isn't Jojo's Logical Adventure, so you do have to suspend quite a bit of belief.
    • Don't look too deep into it, it's just much more tense if Bucciarati stacked his life. If Sticky Fingers could stop anyone's heartbeat with a punch he would be too strong.
    • Maybe it's an unstated limitation of his stand? Stands working differently for a target and the user isn't uncommon. Maybe Bucciarati has more manipulation over his own body than other people's. Or perhaps other people can be disassembled with Sticky Fingers and live, but that power doesn't work for Bucciarati himself (like how Josuke from the previous part couldn't use Crazy Diamond's healing on himself).
    • While the anime makes no mention of Bruno no longer being able to breathe, it does make it slightly more obvious what happened. Bruno’s heartbeat will give him away to Pesci, so he zips it in half to make it stop beating (this being JoJo and all). That’s why he’s dying in that moment while Zucchero was fine. EDIT: OP here, just watched the episode again and saw that Sex Pistols #6 did say that Bruno couldn't breathe. My previous answer still stands though.
     Why didn't Gold Experience change when stabbed by Black Sabbath? 
  • How come Gold Experience doesn't transform into Gold Experience Requiem early on in Vento Aureo when Black Sabbath holds it down and stabs it with a stand-arrow? I can only surmise it is due to Giorno not having sufficient spiritual growth at that point, or it not being the right stand arrow (the shape of the later one is different)... but it still feels like a ridiculous oversight.
    • It's a weekly published manga, Araki didn't plan that much ahead.
      • Actually, there is one possibility - the one that transformed Gold Experience had a different design on it (having an insect figure instead of the hole the other ones have been shown to have). The one that Black Sabbath stabbed Gold Experience with had the regular hole design. It's likely that both will awaken a stand if they stab someone who doesn't already have one, but the normal hole design will only give a stand a new attack/requiem form if it stabs the user, whereas the insect figure design will only awaken a requiem form if it stabs the stand itself - after all, the arrow that gave Killer Queen Bites the Dust went for Kira, not the stand.
     Gold Experience's healing 
  • Given that any damage done to life created by Gold Experience is reflected back on the one who delivered it, shouldn't that make any replacement body-parts added by Gold Experience later on impervious to physical harm? Or did Araki just completely forget about this feature of the stand later in the story?
    • I think Araki gave this power and the "if Gold Experience punches you, you're slowed down" to Giorno because he would have been way too weak to fight Buccelatti. But yeah after that he just dropped these powers.
     No one doing the math on Giorno's age 
  • At the end of the manga, Giorno became the new boss. According to Purple Haze Feedback, he did this by claiming that he was the boss all along, but couldn't reveal his identity because he didn't want to be looked down upon on account of his age. But Passion was founded when he was a small child. Did no one in-universe do the math?
    • Of course they did. But remember how OP Giorno is, even if you assume he didn't keep Gold Experience Requiem. Assuming he went back to Diavolo's place and collected any paperwork/information he'd need to run the mafia, who's going to say no to the kid with A) the prerequisite knowledge to be the Boss, B) the intellect to run things smoothly, and C) the ability to turn your shoes into poisonous snakes?
    • It also never says he told them that he was the first boss. It's possible he told them the original boss died and he's been the boss for X years, but he didn't want to reveal himself right away due to his age.
     Stands being a manifestation of the users spirit 
  • Stands are supposed to be a manisfetation of the user’s spirit. So how does Sticky Fingers factor into that? I can understand the rest of the groups stand abilities. Gold Experience represents Giorno’s noble spirit and his desire to change things for the better. Sex Pistols can be seen as a reflection of Mista’s hedonistic outlook on life and superstitious nature, Moody Blues is a reflection of Abbacchio’s past and regrets as a policeman, and Purple Haze and Aerosmith respectively are both personifications of Fugo and Narancia’s murderous tempers. How does Bruno’s character manifest into making zippers out of no where?
    • Bruno is a man defined by his lifelong effort to provide opportunities to the less fortunate. To open pathways to success for friends, family members, and even regular people in his territory. Sticky Fingers is a reflection of that, a stand that literally opens paths for him and his allies with it's zippers. Those paths being zippers are likely just a minor quirk of Bruno's similar to Sex Pistols skipping the number 4, Bruno likes zippers enough to color both his fashion sense and Stand. If he was really into Parcheesi then Sticky Fingers would manifest the same powers but with the openings shaped and colored like the board game.
    • As their backstories reveal, the other members of the gang were all invited to join Passione by Bruno. He’s the de facto leader (especially when he becomes a capo), and everyone in the gang looks up to him. In other words, he’s the one that holds the group together. What do zippers do again?
     Gold Experience and resurrection 
  • So after Bruno's battle with Diavolo, he is brought back from the dead by Gold Experience, but as a zombie who is slowly deteriorating and doesn't have much time left. With that said, a similar stunt is pulled in the Chariot Requiem fight after Narancia is killed in Giorno's body. However, not only does Narancia's soul not return to the revived body like Bruno's did, but Giorno does not experience any of the zombie-like symptoms that Bruno did. Is there a reason for this key difference? Is it simply an effect of Chariot Requiem?
    • Maybe Narancia lacked Bruno's determination to cling on to life. Bruno was killed, but he wanted to live on badly enough to see his mission completed. With Part 5 being closely tied to the concept of purpose and fate, his resurrection probably wasn't just thanks to Giorno's power, it must have also been what fate had wanted of him. Without any real purpose for himself, Narancia was simply gone the moment he died (also, it very conveniently allows Giorno to return to his real body). As for why Giorno's body doesn't start rotting, that's because Giorno himself was alive when he returned to his body.
    • Chariot Requiem also supercharged all Stands used by anyone nearby, so it's possible that the upgraded Gold Experience was able to pull a complete resurrection of the body rather than a partial one. He also immediately healed the body after it was injured, unlike when Bruno had a few minutes to bleed out and 'die', carrying himself solely by his own willpower by the point Giorno healed him. His body was already dead at that point, while Giorno's body had just taken fatal wounds, but had yet to technically 'die' in a medical sense. The wounds made Narancia's soul pass on, but Giorno was able to heal the body just in time.
     Gold Experience temperature rules 
  • During Polpo’s test, Giorno hides the lighter, lit flame and all, by turning it into a flower, and it stays lit after changing back. Later, during the fight with Ghiaccio, Giorno explains that he can’t make a living organism with his stand if the temperature is too extreme. So negative temperature ice is too extreme, but fire isn’t?
    • It likely has to do with whether the temperatures can sustain life.
     Vaccines and immunity 
  • The biggest downside to Purple Haze is that it can't discriminate friend from foe, making it very dangerous for Fugo to use. However, Giorno is able to survive infection by creating a vaccine, which should mean that he's now immune to the Purple Haze virus. Why doesn't he make more of the vaccine for the whole team, nullifying Fugo's main weakness and making him a much more efficient combatant?
    • The best explanation I have is that the process of Giorno injecting the snake's blood into his body was clearly very painful, so he may have wished to hold off on immunizing the rest of the gang until it was absolutely necessary (like if Fugo had to fight by their side again, which he was never able to do).
      • These gangsters are very tough and not afraid of pain (Mista does not react while having a wound stapled shut with no anaesthesia, and even looks happy to have such a cool-looking scar), so wouldn't it be best to just get it out of the way ASAP instead of doing it WHILE they're being attacked, when the crippling pain would be actually dangerous? It's implied that the reason why Fugo never got another fight is specifically because of the risk his Stand poses to his allies, so if he and his friends were immunized, it's possible that he would have participated in more fights.
      • It's possible that they may not want to create a way for anyone to fight Purple Haze on even ground. If everyone became immune to Purple Haze, then it loses its efficiency. Giorno's vaccine may also be short-lived for that purpose. And once Fugo develops Purple Haze Distortion in the side story, vaccinations are technically pointless as he can cure anyone himself.
     Risotto's mysterious ability 
  • Considering how paranoid the Boss is about his own secrets, which meant he needs to know everything about those he surrounds himself with, why would he keep Risotto Nero around without knowing his Stand ability? He may be an effective assassin, but two of his henchmen had already tried to find out the Boss' identity in the past. Even if he believed he could keep the rest of the group on a leash, he should have at least taken care of the one guy who was already keeping dangerous secrets from him. At the least, he should have demanded to know how Risotto's Stand worked.
     Putting a stop to Cioccolata and Secco 
  • Perhaps saying something about his excessive ego, the Boss seemed all too confident that Doppio would be able to take control of the situation again after Cioccolata and Secco were let loose. It's possible that they would have just relented once Doppio had revealed himself as the Boss' right-hand man, but that sounds like a hazardous bet against a psycho like Cioccolata, and Secco also seemed willing to betray the group when given half a chance. With abilities even more dangerous than Risotto's, and Doppio holding only a fraction of King Crimson's abilities, how exactly was the Boss hoping Doppio could win the fight?
    • If they decided to attack Doppio, I'm pretty sure Diavolo would come out and put a stop to them because he knows what powers they have.
      • Diavolo probably would just Teleport Spam his way to Cioccolata, using King Crimson to negate any spores affecting his body. It's a bad case of Bond Villain Stupidity. But then again Diavolo has been playing that trope since his first appearance in the story.
    Polnareff's stock of body parts 
  • In Part 3, Polnareff lost several body parts to Vanilla Ice (fingers, and parts of his leg). But in the flashback where he fights Diavolo, he's shown to have them intact. Diavolo then mutilates him by cutting off both his legs and an arm, but somehow he has the arm again, but had to get prosthetic legs?
    The turtle lives in the end 
  • We have already seen with Doppio that, if Silver Chariot Requiem switches your soul into some other body, and that body is dead/dying, you just die instead. Polnareff was able to live, despite having been almost killed, because his soul was switched into the turtle's body before he died completely. In that case, how did the turtle survive in the end? Its soul should have died after entering Polnareff's body, or shortly after. And then, after Requiem is destroyed, there should have been no soul to return to the turtle's body. We see instead that Polnareff's soul clings into the key room, meaning the turtle's stand is still active, meaning the turtle is alive somehow. Maybe the souls of animals linger around for longer?

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