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Headscratchers / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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     Four testicles 
  • Part 8 Josuke has 4 testicles. How is he not constantly aggressive and horny?
    • Is that necessarily how that would work? Apparently the removal of one testicle doesn't appreciably decrease libido. But at any rate, Josuke did seem a little too excited during his fight with Daiya.
     Kira not being effected by the rock disease 
  • The Kira of this universe is related to the Higashikata family. How did he not develop the same rock disease that every other first -born Higashikata does?
    • It could be that the rock disease only affects people who are directly related to the Higashikata family - in other words, someone who's a cousin (a category which Kira falls under) wouldn't be affected.
    • As it turns out, the Curse only seems to affect the females in the Joestar family, unlike the Higashikata family.
      • The Joestar branch of the family descends from Rina Higashikata who suffered from the late-developing female form of the curse, with no evidence that George II or Joseph suffered at all from the effects of the curse considering they lived to have several children. It could be that when the curse got transferred to George II and then removed by Johnny, the male version of the curse was completely eliminated from the Joestar family, but made them carriers of the female version of the curse. The Higashikata branch of the family still has both forms of the curse in their bloodline, which means that at some point Hato may be affected as well, seeing as Rina was the 2nd child of her generation and the younger sister of Norisuke II who would have also been affected by the curse.
     Where is Joseph? 
  • This Troper is having a bit of a Headscratcher and Fridge Horror: In Stardust Crusaders, Joseph dropped everything when his daughter called for help, when he feared she was dying he trotted the globe to save her. Which brings me to my question: Why hasn't he appeared yet? Is he dead, missing, or something worse?
    • Joseph most likely was never born. And if he was born he was a completely different person. Steel Ball Run is essentially the equivalent of Phantom Blood and Johnny is the equivalent of Johnathan. And Johnny was a completely different person from Johnathan. Far from The Paragon whose nobility would go on to inspire heroes even generations later even after Character Development. If there was a Joseph he was most likely a very different person and a much less heroic person.
      • Joseph was born, according to the book in Norisuke's study, the Joestar bloodline stayed the exact same up until Holly, George Joestar II even married a woman named Elisabeth, which was Lisa Lisa's real name, what most likely happened is that Joseph is already dead of old age in this timeline, as Holly is also fairly older than her original counterpart when we met her.

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