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Headscratchers / Jack Reacher

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  • In Killing Floor, one of the clues for Reacher that all is not right in Margrave is that the barbershop has no customers for days at a time but is still in business. One of the owners tells him it's because they get a subsidy of $1,000 a week from the villains, as does every other business in town. But later on, they reveal that even though they've been getting $1,000 a week, they haven't spent any of the villain's cash and are keeping it all in a closet in the barbershop. Sooo...if they're not spending the subsidy money on stuff like the mortgage and utilities, how have they stayed in business with no customers?
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  • Also in Killing Floor, the final showdown takes place in a warehouse with a huge pile of money in it - $40 million in $1 bills. The villains are trying to box it up so they can get it out of town, but they are severely understaffed and worried that they're going to get caught with a warehouse full of money. So, why did they unbox the money and dump it all in a big pile when it was shipped into the warehouse in the first place? Wouldn't it have made more sense to keep it all in the boxes it came in so it could be more easily shipped out again?

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