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  • How come only some of the characters who have had crossovers before know each other. Like Toriko and Luffy. While I'm not sure about the Manga, One Piece and Toriko crossed over in Toriko's first episode. However, Goku apparently remembers Arale fondly. Luffy doesn't seem to know Goku either, even though they've crossed over quite a bit. Is it just because Arale and Goku have the same creator, or is there some other rule that I'm missing here?
    • It seems like Luffy and Toriko don't recognize each other: they don't have any special intro conversations, and their dialogue in the story mode has them treat each other like strangers. And that makes sense; after all, all their encounters have been through non-canon specials. As for Goku and Arale, the latter did appear in Dragon Ball's Red Ribbon Arc helping out against General Blue, so it makes sense that they would still remember and know each other.
  • I don't get the logic behind who fights and who is Support Only. Allen Walker is just an assist, but Taro Yamada is his own character? I doubt most people outside Japan have ever heard of his series. And then there's Saiki, who would probably be happier as an assist, even if he is cool to use.
    • We can debate in-character motivations and series popularity all we want, but at the end of the day the "logic" is based on what Spike Chunsoft was determined to allocate its development time and resources on. Taro could've easily been a complete curveball thrown in for fun, but without Word of God we can never be truly sure.
  • This troper understands that One Piece is the best-selling manga series ever, but does this game really need FOUR playable One Piece characters? One of the four isn't even a main character, and not even any of the represented series that have three playable characters have any Assist-only's. One Piece fans can always play any of the One Piece fighting games, and if the devs wanted another playable female, there's always Claymore and Rosario+Vampire which they could get characters from.

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