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  • When Josh meets up with the Red-Faced Demon, his physical body shakes violently, and all of the light bulbs shatter. Except for the light bulbs in the flashlights.
    • Just throwing something off the top of my head here, but maybe because the house lights had been in the same area as Dalton for awhile, they're conditioned enough so that they're vulnerable the demon's powers. The flashlights however are new and used by people expecting the worst, so they're more sturdy.
    • Maybe the spirits are destroying the lights by overloading them. Notice that only the lamps that are turned on shatter.
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    • Going by Dungeons & Dragons logic, held objects get a will save.
  • At the end of the second film, what good is hypnotizing Josh and Dalton to forget their astral projection abilities? In the first movie, Dalton had no problem using them without being aware of them. That's how his soul was captured in the first place.
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've got an impression that Josh had been hypnotized before when he was a child to prevent him from going too far into the astral plane the way Dalton did in the first movie. Seems like you can only be affected if you are aware of these powers on some level. The kid knew he could travel to some kind of a fantasy world, he just didn't realise that was dangerous.
      • Given that theories of Astral Projection being entirely dependent on the will and desire to do so, yeah, it happening purely by accident is highly unlikely if they didn't know about it.
  • I'm no scientician but wouldn't the bodies of his victims found in Parker's house be either a bit more decayed or mummified having been there for about 30-ish years? The hands that stick out from under the bedsheets don't look too decayed?
    • They probably are mummified from the dry air in the sealed-off chamber. We see in the psychic flashback how Parker made up his own face when he killed them, so it's possible he touched up the visible parts of the corpses so they would look more lifelike even after the tissue had dehydrated.
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  • Are the The Smiling Family in some sort of purgatory. I feel like the scene where they all get shot is what happened, and than maybe she shot herself. And now they have to constantly relive this. It doesn't explain why they suddenly jumpscare Josh. But it's a interesting theory.
  • In Chapter 2, Lorraine, Specs, Tucker, and Carl go to the Crane house where they discover the corpses of Parker Crane’s victims. They are locked in by Michelle Crane, but it is never shown how they escaped. Lorraine simply shows up at the Lambert house and drives off with Renai.

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