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  • Since the Void Gate(s?) connecting the Small Magellanic Cloud and Magellanic Stream was/were swallowed by the Vasta explosion that Bastian caused, just how did Celina, Valantin, and Eremon (and Borisova, if Katida joined the crew) manage to survive the battle, anyway? Given where the battle took place, nobody should be able to get out of that place alive.
    • Well Celina was heading to stop the other fleet which was apparently coming from Nova Nacio. It's possible that she saw the explosion and was far enough away to escape before it reached her(kind of like Yuri was)by heading through the gate to Nova Nacio. Valantin is not shown after he brings down a lot of the Lugovalian reinforcements so it's possible that he went to assist Celina in holding them off and escaped through the gate with her, or he saw it and, not having enough time to escape through the gate, just used his own warp system to get as far away from the blast area as he could. Eremon is a bit more confusing as he probably wanted to stay with his fleet but then again he was injured so it could be that he was moved to the rear and when he saw the explosion coming ordered his ship to retreat(or Desmond was on the ship and he tried to save his own hide). With Eremon injured and at the rear Borisova was probably sent to front line to command the fleet which made it impossible for her to escape in time. That's at least what I think happened.

  • Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Nia, being a princess of Lugovalos (possibly even Emperor Taranis' daughter), could probably have explained almost all of the game's plot to Yuri way back in act 1? She basically just lies outright about the extent of her knowledge, and Yuri doesn't even make a token effort at questioning her. He never tries talking to Semias either, even after Nia is dead. If I were in the captain's seat, I'd demand answers, and boot her off the ship if she refused to provide them. Detailed information about the possible threat of an unstoppable battlefleet isn't something a sensible person ignores.
    • I was under the impression she was princess of some other nation Lugovalos conquered, and i don't think it was ever stated that Eremon is a Lugovalos native. Besides, Nia said something about a "void gate to the something-or-other sector" being reopened, and it sounded (at least to me) like she'd sealed off her homeland to stop Lugovalian invasion.
      • It was actually outright stated (by Desmond) that Eremon isn't a Lugovalos native, but someone from a former conquered nation.

  • Is the knowledge of the Overlords something that only Taranis, Valentin, and Patriarch Bogd had? Because I can't think of any good reason why the entire population of Adis wouldn't know about the Overlords from scripture, which means that the legends of the progenitors should be common knowledge throughout the LMC, at least. That, in turn, makes it very weird that the location of Earth is completely unknown.
    • Bogd isn't giving his people the whole story.

  • Absolutely nobody ever thinks to ask questions at all about the Cosmic Trade Authority, which consists of AI-run space-stations that predate human presence by thousands of years and are built on technology so advanced that it can sustain itself indefinitely. There is so much potential for plot-points or technological development there that I don't know where to start.
    • Remember, the Overlords did it. The CTA is not giving anyone any answers, so after a couple of millenia of existence, Magellanic civilization has more or less come to just accept it like the rest of the Black Box technology.

  • Being an Observer and a Tracker, Taranis and Valentin would, presumably, have their minds read and memories downloaded, and personalities subject to change at a whim, by the Overlords, every time they travel through a Void Gate, just as Yuri and Kira were. So how in universe did they manage to get away with plotting rebellion against the Overlords for years? Possibly Fridge Brilliance when you realize that both of them travel in ships that can make their own gates, meaning that they don't have to use Void Gates and don't have to submit to "oversight" from the Overlords. But then you remember that they would have first learned the truth about the Overlords in an ancient, abandoned, resource depleted system, hinted as back in a time when they were both young and not that powerful, and would not have likely to have yet obtained their fancy gate making ships yet. So whenever they decided to start their rebellion, and however they managed to hide it from the Overlords in the early going, whatever they did must have been pretty impressive.
    • My guess is that the Overlords considered their attempted rebellion to be unimportant (not to mention that it still helped to unify humanity and fix Flux Space). What are the Great Pirate Valantin and Emperor Taranis of Lugovalos going to do about the destruction of the universe, punch out Cthulhu? Nah, couldn't happen.

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