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Headscratchers / I'm Alan Partridge

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  • I may regret asking this, but...what was in Alan's drawer?
    • Never explicitly said or proved, but given Alan's curiosity over Bankok Ladyboys mentioned in this, and other episodes, we can assume that it is pornography of this kind, or at least something very similar.
    • "It's a big plastic cock. That Alan shoves up his bum. It's that simple!" - Steve Coogan, commentary track.
  • Why didn't Tony Hayers greenlight Monkey Tennis on the spot? I'd watch it.
    • Because it was being proposed by his arch-enemy? And because Alan gave no other information other than the name. I'd like to think that Tony went and made the series anyway just to screw with Partridge.
      • Well if they don't do it, Sky will.
  • It seems very unfair that Alan Partridge will be forever stigmatised as the man 'who allowed a guest to be shot on air' whereas his former co-host on The Day Today started an actual war between the UK and Australia just to provide an interesting story.
    • Though, unlike Alan, Christopher Morris is not a hapless, idiotic, and talentless dickhead.
    • That's almost the point- whilst Alan is every bit as cruel and bullying as Chris, and should therefore be perfect as a TV host, he completely lacks that all-conquering self-possession. Chris started that war on purpose, Alan would have started it by accident.
    • It's also pretty unclear how much of the stuff that happened on The Day Today also happened in the Alan Partridge universe. Certainly he presented the sports coverage for a news program, but something like the sixteen additional Japans seems a bit extreme for the more grounded world he found himself in afterwards.
      • The autobiography published a few years back treats The Day Today with broad strokes; Alan discusses working for the show as being one of his first prominent TV gigs, names a few fellow presenters, and describes a few low-key exploits, but some of the more extreme elements of The Day Today are excised.


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