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Headscratchers / If There Be Thorns

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  • When she finally meets John Amos, Cathy recognizes his name immediately, stating that only the other day, she was looking for a way to change his name in her manuscript. But the manuscript she's writing is clearly Flowers in the Attic, where John Amos is referred to as...John Amos. Is John Amos his real name, or is it the pseudonym Cathy chose for him? Are we to assume that Jory and Bart, when they presumably wrote this book, also changed his real name to John Amos?
    • It was two decades ago, and it might not be a detail she would recall off the top of her head, if not for the fact that she was specifically recalling it very recently.
    • Perhaps, after the events of this book, Cathy decided that he didn't deserve a pseudonym.

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