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Headscratchers / Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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     Dawn of the Bad History 
  • Ice Age 3. Dawn of the FRIGGIN' DINOSAURS. Anyone with any knowledge of prehistory would know that the ice age came AFTER the dinosaurs. What were they thinking?
    • They were thinking that the dinosaurs would have been previously frozen in ice, probably a call back to that scene in the first one, and then thawed out, although even that concept is questionable.
    • Well, they probably ran out of ideas that didn't involve things that lived after the dinosaurs. But Ice Age has never been big on being chronologically accurate anyway (the dodos, for one, are in the wrong time and place). Plus, who DOESN'T want to see dinosaurs?
    • I'm just pissed that every time I see an animated movie, I have to see that same damn trailer where there's the female squirrel AND NO FUCKING DINOSAURS. Are they even in the plot?
      • Trailers for the first two movies focused on the squirrel almost exclusively, when in fact that squirrel had little to do with the plot. It's kinda tradition for the series at this point.
      • This troper had a drama teacher who figured it was a deliberate tribute (or an unconscious cultural nod) to Shakespeare. To take the obvious example, Romeo and Juliet starts with two servants who have absolutely nil to do with the plot; it's a scene-setting device, just like Scrat the unfortunate squirrel.
    • Based on the most recent commercials, it looks to be a lost world scenario, with the dinosaurs somehow living in an underground jungle. Huge trees and everything.
      • Writers wanted the movie to be an homage to Lost World based fiction, especially Journey to the Center of the Earth so it's understandable.
      • The designer also said they were running out of giant mammals to introduce, and the lost world could be a good variant to the icy environment with mostly brown animals.

     When Did Buck Almost Die? 
  • Just how long before the third film's events did Buck have his near-fatal encounter with Rudy? Carnosaurs like Rudy replaced their teeth when they were damaged, yet he's still missing a tooth in the film.
    • It's to make the character distinctive and to give a visual aid as to why they're rivals in the first place. Plus, it makes Buck more Crazy Awesome.
      • Also note that Rudy has a scar where the tooth used to be. Buck might have done permanent damage that prevented a tooth from growing there, making for even more reason for a grudge.
    • Last year?

     Why was Ellie Mad? 
  • Why was Ellie mad at Manny after he and the others got out of the helium/laughing gas? He asks her how much she heard and she says she heard everything. I didn't hear him say anything about her? Was she mad about what he and Diego had said to each other?
    • She's not mad, they're merely embarrassed because they were being stupid and she overheard them.

     Ice, Ice, Babies 
  • How did the eggs wind up in the ice cave in the first place?
    • Think about it. Where's the safest place to hide vulnerable unhatched offspring from predators? Somewhere they would never go. Hence, cave. It's not Mama's fault Sid decided to adopt steal them.
    • The simple answer is that there's multiple ways up and Mama used a different one. Maybe she even blocked it off so nobody but her could get to it.

     Questions About the Fight with Rudy 
  • Fridge Logic: Mostly the context of the fight VS Rudy - a) how did he know to wait for them in that cave? and b) how did he even fit inside in the first place without wrecking the cave door? He's HUGE!
    • Rudy is supposed to be intelligent and he was tracking them.
    • He was not exactly there in the cave that leads to the Lost World, his roar is just loud.
    • I think the OP may have been referring to how the T-Rex got them there in the first place. If I remember correctly they had to walk over a path of bones over a fall to get there that would of broke under the weight, and the cave probably wasn't tall enough for her to get in there with out breaking it. If that isn't what he/she was referring to, then it's a new question.

     Gas Sass 
  • When everyone was acting goofy after inhaling the weird gas, was it because it was making them high or were they just showing off their helium voices and getting stuff out of the way because they think they're going to die?

     Dear Sir or Madam 
  • How did everyone know that Rudy was a boy and the T-Rex was a girl?
    • For Rudy, Buck refers to him as male, and he's the most likely person to know. Even if he's wrong, none of the other members of the herd would have the knowledge to correct him. As for Momma T-Rex, the characters could just assume that she's female because she's the only parent who comes looking for the eggs originally, and behaves toward her offspring in a way the surface creatures would associate with mothers, rather than fathers.

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