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Headscratchers / I Didn't Do It

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  • Why did Garrett make such a big deal about Logan paying him back for a smoothie in "Logan's Run" but in "Next of Pumpkin", he doesn't pay back Jasmine for one?
    • Garrett is a little bit of hypocrite, as shown in a few episodes.
    • Friends as they are, they probably pay for each other all the time without anyone counting. Logan being Logan, he's probably very one-sided on his part.
  • At the end of "Phone Challenge", Lindy dunks Jamsine in the fountain (presumably to destroy her phone as punishment for breaking the phone pact). In the very next scene, she has her phone again. Huh?
    • Lindy tricks Jasmine to go in the fountain because she broke the pact. It doesn't seem like she was trying to destroy her phone. Besides, who knows how many back-ups Jasmine has?
  • In "Bicycle Thief", why didn't Lindy and Garrett explain to the police what happened at the end? It wasn't an episode where a character told the story; it was an episode like "Next of Pumpkin" or "Lindy Nose Best". Secondly, two bicycles were stolen in this episode (kind of). Have the characters not heard of bike locks?
    • In the same episode, the police put Garrett (who they deem a criminal) inside the patrol next to the child he stole the bike. What. Granted, we know Garrett is inoffensive, but they don't know that.
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    • Also in this episode, Garret realizes that he accidentally took someone else's bike and goes to return it. When he arrives at Rumble Juice, everyone in attendance goes after him before giving him a chance to explain. So, they didn't think for a second that he made an honest mistake?
  • In the first season, the series was supposed to take place in Evanston, Illinois, which is north of Chicago. The second season had the same settings, but now they were saying it took place in Chicago.
  • How does Logan know what "adulation" means?

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