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  • From the pilot:
    • Okay, you created a train route from San Francisco to LA. Nice move. It would take a lot of traffic off the 101. Can anyone afford to ride it? With an $82 bn price tag, are ticket prices going to be only within the reach of the Fortune 500? If so, one could expect to see a taxpayer revolt at footing 2/3 of that bill.
      • Related: How did the project even get financed? Is this taking place in a period when California isn't trying to pay businesses with IOUs?
      • My guess would be that it got its funding approved before the budget crises and avoided being cut in the aftermath.
      • It's about a 400 mile journey. The British have lines like that.
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    • How'd MacNamara get past Gaia's avenger eco-freaks? The Navy can't even keep those guys off their backs.
    • San Francisco is extremely fault-ridden. Could a system like this survive a quake?
    • Truth in Television: California High-Speed Rail. It's cheaper overall, the taxpayers are bearing less of a burden, and it doesn't go down the coast, but still, pretty much the same, and the taxpayers approved it in Nov. 2008, when the economy had already started to crater.
  • "Embassy Row"
    • The idea of taking Simon Aaron to a doctor is nixed due to Guerrero's not having "one he can trust" available, but why shouldn't they just take him to an ER? He hasn't broken any laws, and they wouldn't have to give the whole backstory, just that his brother died recently the same way. I get that everyone's trying to stay below the radar, but shouldn't, y'know, saving your client's life come first? Plus, if the poison is airborne, isn't it a threat to that nice old lady who lives down the hall?
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    • Hospitals have to make a lot of reports and records. It's not the place to go to stay off the radar in most cases.
  • WHEN will a second season be announced? This HAS to get a second season, they can't just leave us hanging like that!
    • A second season has reportedly been announced but awaiting official confirmation.
    • It was announced for October 1st, but got pushed back to November 17th.
      • And has since been cancelled. Damn you, Fox!
  • If Guerrero makes his friend pay him $5,000 for the relatively simple task of a relocation and name change, why did Guerrero work for Chance for free in the first season?
    • 'Friends and family discount'. In Chance's case, the discount is 100% free probably due to the much bigger shared history between the two in so far as the whole assassin thing versus a pure sentimental one.
    • Plus remember that said friend was still in the criminal underworld. It's likely that Guerrero wants to retain some street cred by not lowballing prizes too much and seeming too soft.
    • Who says he was working for free? He certainly got paid—in cash—in the pilot, and just because we don't see the $$$ being handed out doesn't mean there wasn't any given.

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