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Headscratchers / Housepets!

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  • It's small, but why do pets call their owners "Mom/Dad"? Is it to showcase how immature they are?
    • Probably. Although their exact ages are never given they're almost certainly younger than the humans who take care of them. Pets in this universe are functionally not much different than human children.
    • It could also be related to American pet stores like Petsmart referring to owners as Pet Parents, so this could potentially be an extension on that.
    • Possibly unintentional, but it could also be referencing the fact that Real Life pets - or at least cats and dogs - display a certain degree of behavioral neoteny.note  It's been theorized that these animals actually do live in a kind of extended puppyhood/kittenhood, and might see their owners as surrogate parents.
  • Do Daryl, Karishad, and Zach remember the events of the Temple Crashers arc, considering that it was Keene's dream? Were they even actually there, or were they just part of the dream?
    • If nothing else, Zach remembers he can cast light and the gargoyles.
  • Was Daisy inspired by the Urban Legend about the personals ad that sounded like a woman looking for a date but turned out to be about a black lab named Daisy looking for an owner, with the contact information pertaining to her animal shelter (since they were trying to dupe someone into adopting her)?

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