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Headscratchers / Hotel Artemis

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  • The best way for the hotel to profit is to try to sell memberships to people when they're at a point of imminent death. Why didn't they give Kenneth Choi the option to pay when he had the neck wound? This troper found it very confusing. Especially because The Nurse didn't accept payment on the spot while Everest said "so buy a membership."
    • The vetting process, to ensure that the character of said person could be established.
    • Backing that up, Everest says "apply for membership", not "buy a membership". There's a process, and it takes time.

  • Why even have a lobby if people are sworn to secrecy about other clientele. Additionally, the "no killing" rule is a lot easier to prevent if there's no one to kill.
    • Probably to help avoid claustrophobia, or more generally angry moods from confinement. The code names are probably enough a fig leaf for anonymity, and the fear of the Wolf coming for payback if they either reveal other clients identities or try and kill them.

  • Why did Zachary Quinto's character need what seemed like about 25-30 henchmen just to ensure his dad's safety. True, Nice was a lot to handle, but he didn't know that going in. Did he expect an entire militia to oppose him?
    • Possibly just because he's an overzealous arsehole.

  • Hang on a second. By the time the Hotel gets called to say Orian is on his way ("52 minutes out"), Nice... who is the one who injured him... is already at the hotel with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, long enough so that, by the time the phone call comes in, she's already already been treated. So either they hung around for well over an hour before trying to do anything about their seriously-injured boss, or Nice managed to inflict said injuries, from an hour away, without anyone at the Hotel she was already in noticing her doing anything suspicious. The obvious answer is some kind of remote explosive, but given that she needed to be sure that he was injured enough to come to the hotel, but not dead (as her orders were to stream his death from her POV), that is a huge risk for a large number of reasons (including: the bomb may kill him, the bomb may not injure him enough to need treatment, the bomb might hurt him but kill anyone who could bring him in so he dies eventually on-scene, the bomb could damage his face to the point he's unrecognisable meaning her employers don't trust the footage, he may not be wherever the bomb is during the time she's at the hotel...), and she's not written as a risk-taker. So how did she manage to reliably injure him, in just the right way for them to bring her in, and be at the hotel over an hour before they are?
    • It's possible they wanted to take Orian to a hospital first, but the riots either closed off the routes they could take, or forced his usual / preferred hospital to close. Relatedly, there's a couple of explosions in the city that knock out most power. Nice may have either counted on these happening and making most or all other health care options unavailable, or she planted those bombs herself to force them into one of the few places Orian knew were safe and had backup power.