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Here at last is a section where you can put all those nagging questions that have had you scratching your head about various stories.

Before you add a new entry, see if it's on the page already. If no Headscratchers page currently exists for the work you're confused about, feel free to add one. Just type Headscratchers/NameOfShow?action=edit in your html bar, and voila! It should appear as an icon on the main page once you're done. Remember to index it on the correct page afterward.


Note: This is for sincere questions, and discussing Fridge Logic. Not complaining like "Why does <insert anything here> suck so much?". That's why we axed the original name, "It Just Bugs Me". Also, tropes no longer have Headscratchers pages after this discussion.

Alternative Title(s): Headscratchers, Musings, It Just Bugs Me, Just Bugs Me


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