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The video game series:

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  • If 47 is such a master of disguise, shouldn't he consider investing in a couple of nice expensive wigs? Seriously, isn't there possibly going to come a day when some guard or other will stop and realise, "You know, I probably would have noticed by now if one of the guys was completely bald with a big ol' barcode on the back of his head"?
    • Rule of cool.
    • I read that as "explosive wigs", which would be an awesome addition to his arsenal.
      • That would probably be most useful in missions like Curtains Down.
    • Well, think about this for a moment: say you met a guy with a rather ordinary face and build, but was completely bald and had his ears covered in piercings. Then, long after that brief meeting, you learned that someone was killed in the area. Would you be able to tell the police an exact description of the bald, pierced man you saw for like 5 seconds? First, the tattoo is on the back of the head, which is one place that most people don't tend to stare at (unless they're in line); second, unless you're looking square at it from up close, it's fairly hard to recognize a bar code on the back of someone's head. Third, being bald isn't that great of a standout point for someone, since several men have that same look. So really, the only real indicator that he's a killer is the barcode, and most people would look at it and go "Oh, that's weird" before moving on.
      • That's also my rationale. It doesn't really matter what 47 looks like, because he never leaves any serious witnesses around to give a description anyway (assuming the player's any good, of course :)). The only "witnesses" are people who might have caught a glimpse of him for an instant, in a different place from the crime scene, doing some random menial task or in the middle of a crowd. And the guards on his way, why they have no idea what he looks like either - what are they gonna do, shoot anyone they don't know just because they look peculiar? They already plug anyone who runs, and even that doesn't help :)
      • It's also possible that he keeps his head uncovered to feed into his own myth. Not because he is an egotist, but because he is an urban legend, on the likes of Springheel Jack. Anyone who is asked to provide a statement would probably be dismissed for being a crank or believe themselves to be mistaken, in addition to the people who simply haven't seen him. "It can't be the Hitman, he's just a myth".
      • In one of Sapienza's bonus missions, "Landslide", 47 does don a wig if he impersonates Salvatore Bravuomo. Either Bravuomo himself wears a wig or 47 is Crazy-Prepared enough to take one with him with exactly Bravuomo's hairstyle.

     Pay Evil Unto Evil 
  • On the Pay Evil unto Evil, it is said 47 prefers to kill targets that are bad people and folks who will compromise his identity, why can't we have a mission where we eliminate some prominent tinfoils paid by a secret society to set an example to "the lunatic conspirators"?
    • Agent 47 does not feed trolls.
    • "Hm. These guys had a theory about the superclone assassin, and suddenly, they're all dead! I wonder if there is a connection?"
      • The conspiracists are wanted dead by the new world order. And the local ancient conspiracy probably has every law enforcer padded with money.
      • Also, anyone who is giving them bad PR. So a country wants a zero witness mission done by him.
    • A good example is say a certain website owner leaking information (military wise) about the Chinese military and they want him dead.
    • It's probably likely that these guys, like a lot of Real Life Conspiracy Theorists, are well beneath notice, not in a position to be able to do anything anyway, and/or are too batshit crazy for anyone to bother paying 47 to kill them.

     What does 47 spend his money on? 
  • What does 47 spend all his money on? Hell, why is he so willing to do anything for money? He even specifically says in Blood Money "I can do whatever I'm paid to do" - except it says in the damn manual that an assassin has to live frugally in order to avoid drawing attention, and even in Video Game Land there's only so many times a guy can upgrade his weapons. So what use does a guy like 47 have for all that extra cash? Considering how little he's able to spend, he could probably retire in a year or two.
    • Silent Assassin reveals that he gives most of it to the church as a way to atone for what he is. This is also why he demands three times the usual fee in gold: he approaches The Agency for help and they want him to commit murder for it, so he comes back and demands a high price for them.
    • An assassin needs to live frugally. Once he's retired, without ever leaving a description, and not doing anything to get any further attention, he can live however he wants (and can definitely afford to).
    • We also don't know how many hits he does a year and he said in Silent Assassin that he doesn't do normal hits so how often do these special ones come up? Plus traveling around the world all the time isn't cheap either.
    • More than that, the overall impression is that being an assassin is simply what he does. It's his entire purpose in life. He was designed specifically to be the perfect killer. He tried to be something else in Silent Assassin, and it didn't work out. It's also heavily implied that while 47 insists on getting paid for his work, he sees it more as an art-form: executing the perfect assassination is the same to him as painting the Mona Lisa or sculpting David.
    • Absolution implies that he has money stored away at various safe houses. Also it seems that he keeps money on him for possible expenses. Couple examples: 1) He tried to give money to the nuns at Rosewood for taking in Victoria. 2) He has the money to pay for the room overlooking Rosewood. 3) He must have stopped for gas at various points in the game (Chicago to Hope, South Dakota). 4) He dropped $100 to pay for the room at the motel. 5) Paid off his tailor for a new suit on his way to Blackwater Park.
      • I'd imagine he has backups of just about everything in various places, given how in certain games (Blood Money comes to mind) you can just drop your heavily customized assault rifle somewhere and still get a new one by the next mission. That probably racks up a lot. For instance, his Walther WA 2000 is a limited-production model, and buying them at auction can cost somewhere in the region of $75,000.

     Why is 47 so fashionably dressed? 
  • Why does 47 wear a fancy Italian suit and use weaponry and items with his insignia emblazoned on it? Heck, it's not even his insignia, it's Ort-Meyers. I'd imagine he'd be a little bit more low-key than that, being an assassin and all.
    • Everyone else probably thinks so too, which is why he gets away with it.
    • One time he escaped from his assassin programming and came across a fashion store, seeing the nice suits there. It became the one luxury he affords himself, plus the high fashion makes sense when it comes to some of his targets: most are not mere gangland hits but high placed targets such as a stand in for Wikileaks or actual fashion designers. 47 can just walk in with his custom suit and not look at all out of place.
  • Has anyone ever notices that 47, assembling and reassembling his Sniper Rifle (a Walther WA2000, at least in Blood Money), makes absolutely no sense, since the rifle itself would NOT be smaller if he takes out the barrel or the magazine. Since the WA2000 is a bullpup layout with a magazine that almost completely inserts into the gun, taking out the barrel shortens the gun by about an inch but gives you a 25.6 inch long tube to put somewhere. The Magazine too gives you a big, rectangle chunk to stuff somewhere. I could argue about the scope and silencers being necessary to take off since they raise the height and length of the gun, but taking the barrel and magazine out simply makes no sense in making the gun more compact. It´s plain Rule of Cool, but yeah, not my point..
    • Look at this picture and tell me the barrel only sticks out 1 inch from the body, and it's even more important to take off if it's got the long silencer attached. . Taking the mag out is proper safety precaution, and the mag will easily fit in the free space in the case. The body and barrel don't take up every square inch of space.


Individual Games:

The 2007 film adaptation:

     Why is 47 so friendly with Mike? 
  • Wasn't 47 was getting a bit too chummy with Mike Whittier? Especially considering how often he casually offs any law-types (like Inspector Fournier) that are getting too close to the truth.
    • Who's that?
      • Mike Whittier is an ICPO-Interpol angent and Albert Fournier works for the French police.
      • Fournier wasn't working for Interpol, Agent 47 doesn't want additional attention from the ICPO.
      • It is possible Agent 47 genuinely respects Mike Whittier, a man who has spent most of his career fruitlessly chasing a ghost.

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