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  • The trailer shows that demons are actually capable of traveling to earth, wouldn't it be easier to send them there to deal with the overpopulation, at least to delay the problem? I mean, the universe is big and empty so there's lots of room and demons don't need earthlike conditions or oxygen, right?
    • It shows them drawing out some kind of summoning circle, and Blitzo mentions something in the commercial about having "special access to the living world". This implies that the means to get out of Hell through other means are fairly expensive and/or hard to come by, and would likely be beyond invaluable; if this were the case, it would make sense for Blitzo and his employees to have access to it due to the nature of their company. Besides, if a demon were to escape Hell and get back to Earth at all, things would likely get... very bad, to say the least.
    • It's actually stated that Blitzo and his associates aren't actually demons. They're Imps. From what is seen, it can be assumed that Imps aren't sinners sent to hell, but creatures born or created in hell. Though it's currently unknown whether all imps can travel to Earth, or just Blitzo and his cohorts.
    • Now that the pilot is actually out, we know that the whole reason that I.M.P can go to Earth is because they stole a magic book from a demon named Stolas, who looks to be a rather powerful person. It's entirely possible that if their secret to reaching the mortal realm was ever revealed, it might turn to complete chaos as demons fight over getting the book and leaving Hell, with I.M.P. themselves possibly being murdered by Stolas for letting this get out into the public.
    • Episode 1 reveals that Stolas is very well aware of I.M.P entering the mortal realm using his book and it is indeed an "illegal" move. However, he is willing to let them keep the book in exchange for returning it to him once a month, so we can rule out him being angry at them. How much the rest of Hell know about I.M.P using Stolas' grimoire along with the consequences will be likely revealed in future episodes.
  • Why was Loona in that video in the beginning of the episode killing someone? I thought she was just a receptionist.
    • It was an advertisement, so they could probably take a few more liberties and include her for show. Plus while she is the receptionist, there doesn't seem to be anything actually stopping her from taking a case.
      • Looks like it. In Episode 1, Loona doesn't go with the group on their job
      • The fact that Blitzo had to call her after they finished the job to make a portal for them suggests that they need the grimoire with them to make a portal, so the fact that they left Loona behind with the grimoire implies that either the book is too valuable to risk losing or can't actually pass through the portal. Either way, it seems that no matter what they need to leave someone behind in hell to open a return portal for them.
    • Hell equivalent of having a cute dog doing people stuff in the commercial?
      • With confirmation that Loona is Blitzo's adopted daughter, it might be the equivalent of showing the owner's kid playing at the business to make the audience go "Aww. A nice family business!".
    • The I.M.P crew could work in rotation with Blitzo, Millie and Moxxie being the primary workers and Loona on standby for transport. They could trade places if ever someone is temporarily unavailable or sustained injuries
      • Another possibility is skillset. Moxxie and Millie's preferred killing styles are inconspicuous enough in most situations (or at least can be explained away as being human work). Loona might be more inclined to go for mauling, which is messier and might raise eyebrows in more places.
  • So if they can just open a portal to earth, why not go colonize there to deal with the overpopulation problem? I mean demons are immortal so they wouldn't even have to deal with the living, just piss off into space.
    • One of Vivz's Q and A's stated that imps are not immortal, it's only sinners and royals who don't age. And it's only the royals who have the means to create portals.
    • Also, angels would probably take umbrage with that idea and slaughter them.
  • Why do the imps all have random white splotches on their bodies?
    • Camouflage against the background of hell or a sign of virility. That's the usual reason for nature doing weird stuff.
  • Why does Loona want a cure for syphilis? I don't think demons would be affected by human diseases (and in fact would get some kind of twisted joy out of spreading them, especially considering how much they hate and look down upon humans; indeed, episode 3 shows that there's a whole type of demon tasked with spreading ST Ds).
    • Two explanations I can think of.
1: It affects Hellhounds differently to succubi and She actually has unpleasant symptoms.2: Loona doesn't actually have syphilis and was just fucking with Blitzo.
  • The entire situation with Eddie was caused by Moxxie accidentally shooting him while aiming for someone else. How, then, is it possible for Moxxie to have blamed the situation on Loona having given him the wrong information, and for it to have turned out that Eddie was the correct target all along?
    • Moxxie not wanting to admit it was entirely his fault, and Loona just wanting to kill the bratty kid?
    • It's entirely possible that both of them screwed up. One possible scenario is that the client gave Loona some faulty information that she either didn't bother to double-check or somehow garbled further, resulting in them going to the wrong location... but then Moxxie also screwed up by shooting Eddie rather than the person they thought was the target thanks to the inaccurate information they got. More generally, it's possible that Loona messed something up, resulting in them going after the wrong target, then Moxxie shot Eddie rather than the person they thought was the target.
    • Perhaps the client gave I.M.P a photo for ID purposes and it had both the mother and child in frame. And Loona, being Loona, didn't pay full attention and simply assumed that it was the mother who was the target at the time. And when she contacted the client later to inform them of the delay, they let her know they actually got it right.
  • Since Exorcists come down to hell to take care of the over-population crisis, does that mean they traverse through other Rings, or do they only take care of the sinners that reside within Pride?
    • Since the overpopulation is caused by dead humans who are functionally stuck in hell for eternity since theyre already dead (hellborn demons appear to be long lived but can die of natural causes), and human souls are restricted to the Pride ring, likely the Exorcists stay there. Since thats where they can exterminate the highest concentration of sinners.
  • Since Loona is a member of I.M.P, why was she watching the live broadcast of Charlie advertising the hotel ?
    • She was bored and had nothing better to do.
  • Why does Blitzo use a flintlock? They're extremely slow firing compared to modern pistols.
    • Style over substance/Rule of Cool? Blitzo is a former performer and has an interest in acting. He may simply use a flintlock because he likes the look of it rather than its practicality.
  • This one is a cross-show question: in Hazbin Hotel, a large portion (if not the vast majority) of dead sinners we see have an animal themed appearance. Yet in Helluva Boss, all of I.M.P.'s clients we've seen have all been Big Red Devil. Why the difference if they take place in the same universe? EDIT: Just rewatched "Spring Broken" and noticed some animal-themed clients in line for the discount murders, but it still stands that all of I.M.P.'s named clients are classic devils.
    • To be fair, I.M.P has only had two official clients so far in the series proper—Mrs. Mayberry in episode 1, and Loopty Goopty in episode 4. If we count Lyle Lipton and the testimonial demon from the pilot, we've only seen four official sinners onscreen in this 'verse—it's possible there are more to come that will be more animalistic. Alternately it may just be a stylistic choice to visually differentiate between the two series.
    • Differentiating the series is a pretty good possibility for the answer — the majority of Hazbin characters wear bowties due to Author Appeal, so when designing the cast of Helluva, Vivzie deliberately controlled herself and gave a bowtie to only one character, Moxxie. Perhaps she made a similar decision about sinners with Animal Motifs.
  • Why doesn't Blitzo simply take out the 'o' in his name, instead of just making it silent?
    • He is eccentric and must do eccentric shit. Likely, he wants to stick out in people's minds, something very common in people who change their names.
    • Further, it's very hard to legally change one's name—there's paperwork and fees, and I imagine Blitzo just can't be bothered enough to go through the trouble.

  • Considering she had a difficult upbringing and well it's hell I understand why Loona is a bitch most of the time.. But why is she so cruel to Moxxie? I get that he's often victimized for the sake of comedy but I find it weird that she singles him out so much.
    • Blitzo's her dad figure, and Millie will fight back with words (and teeth) if need be. Loona can't yell at clients, so that unchecked aggression has to go somewhere—Moxxie just happens to be the softest target.

    Murder Family 
  • In the first episode of Helluva Boss the kid in the corner sings a line about Mrs. Mayberry's husband's birthday being today, how did he know that?
    • Mrs. Mayberry is shown to have a close connection with her students, so it’s not unreasonable to assume they would know details about her life like that.
  • While Blitzo having an inverted crucifix as his scope's crosshairs is forgivable, the point where the two lines meet is below the scope's center. Isn't he concerned about that throwing off his aim?
    • It depends on how the rifle is zeroed. The rifle's sights and scope could easily be adjusted to zero on the point of the inverted crosshair.
  • One of the alarm lights on Loona's desk is labeled "ghost". How can there be a ghost in Hell?
    • Could be another kind of entity that's not necessarily a human ghost. Imps are alive as they're born in hell to begin with. Perhaps they deal with imp ghosts on occasion.
    • Blitzo also had lights for "Horny Client", "Client Giving Birth", and "Soiled my Pants", he might just be Crazy-Prepared.
      • "Client Giving Birth" at least can also potentially be another emergency button exclusive to Hellborn citizens rather than dead humans. Unlike humans, who are dead and thus cannot have children, those born and living in hell Can get pregnant and thus give birth (hence Stolas having a daughter and that imp whose baby stroller Loona punted in the pilot episode).
    • It might also be a reference to Loona's Hell-oween costume, and Blitzo's reaction.
  • When Martha trying to burn Millie and Blitzo to kill them didn't work, she then tries to shoot them, which Blitzo says will work better. Except it's been confirmed that demons can't die unless they are killed by an exorcist weapon. So how did Blitzo know that would work?
    • Firstly, Hellborn demons like imps are mortal, it's only former humans that need angel weapons to be killed. Second, that misinformed Satanist was trying to send them back to Hell.
  • How much time passed between Mrs. Mayberry's murder-suicide and her requesting I.M.P to kill Martha? We see a montage of Martha being praised as a hero by various people for surviving the murder attempt, yet Blitzo says that she just got out of the hospital when he asks Moxie if he would like to shoot her and she still has a bandage around her head. Did something happen to send her back to the hospital temporarily or did very little time pass?
    • Likely very little time passed. Keep in mind also that serious wounds like what she survived would likely require multiple hospital visits and consultations and treatments and even additional surgeries. People don't quickly bounce back from trauma like what she was implied to have endured.
    • The answer to this generally depends on if you take the various Instagram posts to mean events are happening in "real time" relative to us. In the first episode, the kids state that Mrs. Mayberry's murder-suicide happened on January 8th at around 9:00 AM. Why is the Instagram important? Blitzo revealed that he recently finished his eel tank on October 31st, the day the first episode aired. If we take this to mean that the incident in the office and the contract happened relative to the actual date of the Instagram post and the family was having dinner, then about 9 months, 23 days, and probably 8-10 hours have passed since then. A long time, sure, but considering a chainsaw and a gun were involved it's likely that a series of surgeries and a long recovery process was needed.
    • Also keep in mind that I.M.P is specifically a Paid assassin service. And not a very well known one likely. In all likelihood before getting to this point Mrs. Mayberry would've had to 1) Arrive in hell, 2) Find a job to earn money (assuming demons arrive in hell with nothing but the clothes on their back and no money), 3) Find out about I.M.P and what they do, and 4) Earn and save up enough money to both have her everyday expenses and be able to pay for I.M.P to take the hit. Which would've definitely taken some time depending on how much I.M.P charges and how good of a job she can find.
  • What even do they need the grimoire for? When they opened the portal in "Murder Family" it looked like Loona was just reading silently while Millie drew a circle on the wall. Is the book itself magic or do they need to trace glyphs in it to cast the spells or something?
    • Pretty much yeah. That and it's likely the power to run the portal is coming from the book. Given how difficult it's implied to be to access the living world from hell and the fact that only demon nobility are able to, it would make sense that a rare artifact like the grimoire is needed for both instructions and empowerment.
    • It's explicitly stated by Stolas that they need the grimoire to move between Hell and the living world. Anyone can use it, but they still need the book in some way to make the portals.
  • Mrs. Mayberry was a school teacher in life. Is she still working as a school teacher in Hell? If so, who does she teach? Children who died and became demons? How do those children pay her salary? Or maybe she teaches demon spawn like Charlie, who were born in Hell? Whatever her job, she is able to hire I.M.P to do a hit with her salary.
    • Two potential options. 1) The aforementioned idea that she teaches the children of demons who are growing up in hell, using her skillsets she learned in life. 2) She's found some alternative job that she fit into in some other way. Hell clearly has some form of functioning economy and infrastructure, as they use money, have services like televised news broadcasts and firefighters, and have an entertainment industry. Even if she's not personally powerful enough to become a new demonic crime lord, there's clearly a number of other, normal jobs she could take to earn enough money to pay I.M.P for her hit.
  • Moxxie is an imp that was born and raised in Hell. Why does he, in the first episode, seem to have close to human morals?
    • Charlie was also born and raised in Hell, and she has even more human morals than Moxxie. There's actually a theory that "native" demons have more varied morality than damned souls, due to being originally from there rather than having been sent there after a life of sin.
      • Another possibility is that ALL the souls in Hell do have some degree of morality, just that living in Hell tends to skew it a bit.
  • Why would Mrs. Mayberry's students accept Martha as, seemingly, their new teacher AND call her a hero? It was because of her that made their beloved former teacher snap, kill her husband, try to kill her, and commit suicide out of guilt.
    • It really just seems like hyperbole to drive Mayberry's point home but, simple answer? They're kids, and kids are naive & manipulatable - if everyone else starts calling Martha a hero there's a decent chance they would do it just because that's the commonly accepted viewpoint on her at the time. It seems ambiguous that she actually is their new teacher, given that she's wearing her everyday clothing when she meets the classroom and there's another person in the room dressed more like a teacher, so it may be instead that someone opted to have the class meet Martha as some form of closure for seeing what Mayberry did.
    • In the scene, there's another adult who's dressed more formally than Martha, and the blackboard has "How To Deal With Trauma 101" written on it. Based on these, the other adult is actually the students' new teacher and it would appear that Martha was invited to the class as some sort of special guest speaker to most likely talk about how she survived and overcame her traumatic experience. Given the rest of the montage has people giving exaggerated heaps of praise and attention to Martha for simply surviving, that's most likely the case here. As for the kids calling Martha a hero, it would appear that they, just like apparently everyone else, were drawn into the narrative that Martha was a victim in all of this and her surviving what happened was something inspirational. This despite being the literal witnesses to what actually occurred.
    • On that subject: do the kids understand what they saw? Depending on their age, they might not have understood the whole "cheating" thing—all they saw was their teacher's husband with another woman, and then said teacher flipping the hell out on both of them. If they didn't know what was going on, it would look a lot like Miss Mayberry was the one who was more in the wrong.
    • To be fair, their are signs Mrs. Mayberry wasn't as great a teacher as she thought she was. She doesn't just stop at Martha, she asks for her (presumably innocent) children to be killed as well. She also shows signs that random outbursts of rage weren't out of character beforehand if the kid in the dunce cap and the eye twitching were any indication. Finally she physically neck-lifted the student who tried to stop her, so even if she was a good teacher between that and the grisly murder they might have turned against her on their own.
      • Actually, no, Martha was the only target, since I.M.P. didn't kill them and didn't try, and Mrs. Mayberry says nothing to indicate that, so I don't know where the fizz you got that nonsense. It is very true that their are implications of Mrs. Mayberry having problems and not being perfect, but considering her students did seem to love her, earnestly and honestly singing that they love her, and seeming quite happy, even the dunce cap kid, it seems more like she had flaws, and the students might have known she had a temper at times, but she was still caring and fun. The above explanations make more sense, since most of what I'm responding to here seems to be just vague speculation based on stating the obvious without much nuance.

  • How do the average Joes of Hell get information about the Living World? I can get how royalty like Stolas is able to see into Earth, but how would people like Mrs. Mayberry know about current events after they died?
    • Might just be part of her punishment, seeing the person she hates most still alive living a good life.
    • Or they have access to the internet of the world of the living? Blitzo is able to both receive and make calls to Hell on his smartphone when in the living world.
    • Or she just talked with some of Martha's victims. It is implied that Martha was a honeypot, she would seduce the victim and bring them home to be murdered.
    • That sounds unlikely; if she was aware of Martha's true nature, she'd most likely have told Blitzo and the gang. Murdering a harmless woman is one thing, going up against a family of Ax-Crazy serial killers is a whole other deal.
  • If Mayberry somehow knew the specifics of what was going on in Martha's life, how did she not also know that Martha & her family were insane gun-toting Satanists?
Or if she did know, why wouldn't she tell I.M.P about it, since it definitely has some bearing on them successfully killing her?
  • She might have said it to Blitzo, but he didn't tell it to the rest of the team (if she talked with some of Martha's victims in Hell). Or, if she learned the information from having access to media from the world of the living, she didn't know she was a cannibal. Only that she survived and people are calling her a hero.
  • What's this about Martha getting shot by Mrs. Mayberry? Yes, Mrs. Mayberry shot her husband Jarold and then herself, but with Martha, we clearly hear a chainsaw.
    • There is some kind of banging sound right after she chainsaws Martha, and multiple gunshots afterwards, so maybe that's when she did it? Either that or, given that Jarold & Martha were in the middle of getting it on when Mayberry killed them so they'd likely be close to each other, she may have pulled off a One-Hit Polykill when she shot her husband.
    • In the episode when Mayberry was ranting about how Martha didn't deserve all of the praise, she said that getting shot was the best thing that happened to her before saying that is why she wanted her dead to Blitzo. She did use a chainsaw but Martha might have gotten away from it so she switched to shooting her. Martha was shot first and looked dead because Jarold exclaimed that she had a family before Mayberry shot him and later committed suicide through gunshot.

    Loo Loo Land 
  • How is Loo Loo Land allowed to operate? It's blatantly ripping off a property owned by Hell's head honcho, so you'd think he would've had it shut down and punished Mammon for plagiarizing him long ago.
    • Depending on the mythos you subscribe to, Mammon has historically been included among the seven demon princes of Hell. It's entirely possible that this Mammon is also a pretty big deal in the Hazbinverse, and so it could cause political strife if Lucifer were to go after him directly—adding to that, the mascot very clearly dares people to sue the park, which means they probably have some damn fine lawyers on their side.
    • Another possibility is that Lucifer doesn't actually care or may even find it amusing. It's not necessarily an actual threat to him or his power, so he sees it as amusing (in the same regard as someone in power might take digs at themselves on TV or as a satirical work.
    • Lucifer is the Demon Prince of Pride—it may even be an ego boost for him, being popular or infamous enough to get a knockoff version of his theme park.
      • Plus, as the Demon Prince of Pride, he may also enjoy a chance to take digs at Mammon that HIS park is more successful. It'd feed his pride to let someone else try to copy him, only to not do nearly as well.
    • Why are there theme parks in hell in general?
      • Panem et Circenses (bread and circuses). Perhaps it's a way to keep lesser denizens (and, apparently, some Goetic royalty) entertained and keep them from thinking of going against the higher-ups
      • It is Hell. The best possible product you could sell in Hell is happiness and/or fleeting pleasure.
      • Note that a lot of the employees and patrons of the park seem to be imps. And Millie mentions going there as a child with siblings. Hellborn creatures like imps clearly have a lot of normal lives given they're not being punished for sins, as they're still alive. The amusement park was probably built to draw in those who live in Hell rather than those who died and are stuck there.
  • How does the timeline of the series work? Stella is directly told by Blitzo right after the first time that he has sex with Stolas that they're having an affair - we see that in the pilot flashback. And assuming the Instagrams are canon, which to all indications they fully are, Stolas and Blitzo's relationship seems to have been going on for *quite* a while between that flashback and episode 2. So why is Stella reacting in episode 2 like she *just* found out?
    • Most likely answer, it's simply Stella being angry again at finding out that Stolas slept with Blitzo. Octavia's dialogue and etc. in episode 2 heavily imply that Stella screaming at Stolas for continuing to sleep with Blitzo has become a regular occurrence ever since the affair was first discovered, so much so that Via no longer needs to ask for context for what's happening anymore.
    • The way Stella phrases it and Stolas' reaction ("I didn't have time to go to a motel!") makes it sound like she caught them in bed together and that's what set her off. Blitzo just says, "Sorry, I fucked your husband" without giving further detail that we see—it's possible the full details were never revealed, only eked out in pieces.
  • Given how this exchange between Stolas and Blitzo goes,
    Stolas: I have a special request.
    Blitzo: (groans) Look, I just had a chemical peel, so you'll have to find someone else's face to plant that feathered ass.
    Stolas: It's for my daughter?
    Blitzo: Ah. Well, make sure she washes it.
    Blitzo appears to be fine with the idea of Octavia sitting on his face. Even assuming he doesn't know her age...why??
    • It's mostly just senseless Rule of Funny, but if you really need a concrete answer, my best guess is that Blitzø was either saying that because he thought it was just a new thing Stolas decided to add as part of their "transaction" and he just felt it wasn't worth arguing against by that point, or...well, I had assumed Blitzø meant he thought Octavia was going to be the one getting her face sat on, so he was advising Stolas to remind her to wash her face afterwards.

    Spring Broken 
  • How do Verosika & her employees have access to the mortal realm? It's well established that it's very hard to get there from Hell; Blitzo had to borrow Stolas' grimoire in order to go there and it's heavily implied that what I.M.P is doing is technically illegal (insofar as Hell can be said to have laws).
    • She is a succubus and a famous popstar in Hell. Blitzo says that one of the jobs of succubi and incubi is to spread ST Ds in the Human World. If she is a famous popstar, it is possible she got VIP access somehow.
    • It' not really hard to get to Earth from Hell, you just have to have the right connections and access. Stolas mentions that he needs his magic book to carry out his duties, so Hell's demons do carry out activity on Earth. Blitzo's access to Earth is more likely "unique" because he's a lowly imp and not a prince.
    • If Verosika is a celebrity in Hell and the Human World, it's likely there are human occultists who act as her (and co.)'s liaisons/secret keepers. One thing they might do is to wait for their mortal devotees to draw a pentagram on the floor, utter some incantations with intense focus, and presto: a portal to the Human World.
  • How is Loona even confused about the imps not having disguises? We've seen them with humans and they aren't bothered at all what they look like or mistake them for smaller animals or just "freaks"? Late on the shock value, hun.
    • Easy; there are punishments for demons not going to earth in human disguises which could result in the whole I.M.P going under.
      • They might not even need disguises anyway due to Moxxie being confused for a Possum, and the drunk party goer confusing Blitzø, an Imp born in the Abrahamic Hell, for a Leprechaun from the Irish/Druish Mythology. Still killed the guy anyway so regardless his identity is safe.
      • Also best way to maintain stealth, is to leave no witnesses. Which I.M.P does being in the Assassination business.
    • "Truth Seekers" shows that there are demon hunters trying to prove that demons exist, and running around without a disguise does draw their attention.
  • In the line of customers when Blitzo posts his flyer, there is a character with an animal skull head, and he's wearing a blue sweater that has a Vote for Me pin on it. Is he a Politician in Hell? So far the 7 rings have been hinted at as Absolute Monarchies.
    • Perhaps he's so egotistical as to continue wearing his campaign pin from when he was alive long after he's been rendered ineligible for office?
    • Note that even under monarchies, there was a degree of local voting for leadership. The head demons of a region of Hell likely aren't getting involved in the nitty-gritty and, judging by what we see, are somewhat hands-off. There's almost certainly room for local elections, whether formal or informal.
  • Some imps can be seen standing in line to make a contract with I.M.P... but imps are native demons, not sinners, so why would they be interested in what the company has to offer?
    • Perhaps that's why they didn't hire them in the first place. They're basically dumb customers. Alternatively, they're sinners that just look like imps.
    • Could also be a power trip, or even just For the Evulz - they are demons after all, so killing a human being for the hell of it might be entertaining to them.
    • Keep in mind that every victim on the list they got that day was on that beach — one might assume that the entire premise of the promotion (not outlined on Blitzo's flyer, naturally, but explained to the lined-up clients afterward) was for the customers to choose someone on the beach that day at random and pay I.M.P. to murder them, purely for their own amusement. It's Hell, everyone in that line would probably genuinely get a kick out of that.
  • Does Blitzo really have any reason to be intimidated by Verosika or her posse? He's an assassin who's perfectly fine to kill other demons if need be, always packs heat, is supported by Moxie & Millie who are skilled killers in their own right, and is on good terms with one of the most powerful beings in all of Hell - what does he have to fear from a singer and her staff?
    • Have you ever seen Scott Pilgrim? Famous singers have the tendency to make BreakUpSongs, and she could've potentially ruined his career if anyone cared.
    • Not to mention she has Vortex on her side—the only time Blitzø actually seemed cowed by Verosika or anyone in her crew was when he had a gigantic, muscled hellhound standing right behind him. For the most part, Blitzø seems perfectly fine with antagonizing Verosika.
    • Also, it's possible that Blitzo isn't willing to start real beefs with people in Hell who have power and influence. At the end of the day, he's just a common imp who's good with a gun. Blitzo can call her every name in the book, but when it comes down to it, Verosika probably has way more influence and ability to get what she wants than he does.
  • Why the fuck did nobody notice the amount of murder going on?
    • Presumably the same reason why nobody learned that Martha was a complete psycho even after she became a celebrity - this version of Earth is a Crapsack World and most of the humans in it are lethally stupid. On the other hand someone did apparently call the police, so it's possible people did notice but it took a while for the authorities to arrive, maybe? As far as why the people at the beach party itself didn't really notice, again, they were stupid, horny, drunk, or all three.
    • Also the Imps were intentionally going stealth mode with all of their kills. Using Loona in human disguise to lure hapless victims off of the public beach and into more isolated locations where the murder wouldn't be noticed, such as empty alleyways. Likely someone would've noticed a bunch of people had gone missing within the next few days after, but so long as the murders are discrete enough that they can't be traced to any earthly culprits, there wouldn't be much they can do. Not to mention the fact the latter half of the day was shaken up by both Verosika's concert and the appearance of the giant demonized monster fish. So probably there were just too many big events for people to have noticed what happened from IMP earlier in the day.
    • Don't forget that Verosika was using her song, which is strongly implied to be magical in nature and was severely distracting all of the humans with uncontrolled lust. That, combined with the fact that everyone was extremely drunk (to the point that they thought Moxxie was a possum) meant that no one was really paying any attention.
  • Did Josh not realize that Loona wasn't a human or was he trying to get with her in order to piss off Blitzo?
    • Had a hard time figuring out who was a demon or not myself during that concert scene. Think this adds to how poorly planned "The Battle for a Parking Space" was. No one knew who each other was unless asked.
    • Verosika’s crew in human form all have pointy ears, pointy teeth, and when you see them they tend to have hearts floating around them. It is not hard to distinguish who is a sex-crazed human under the influence of Verosika’s song and who is a sex demon plying their trade among the aforementioned sex-crazed humans.
    • Also, Josh was probably asked by Verosika to sleep with Loona to piss Blitzo off. Which luckily didn't happen as he probably would've murdered ALL OF THEM.
    • There's also no rule saying that he can't hit on Loona. They don't seem all that worried about losing the contest what with how many humans are willing to sleep with them at the moment, so he probably didn't mind if she wouldn't have "counted".
  • This seems a bit overlooked but has been noticed by a few reviewers. How the hell are all of I.M.P's clients in a single beach? Even if spring break did attract all the intended targets, wouldn't they be at other similar beachfronts as well? Was I.M.P. planning on continuing to other beaches if it wasn't for Verosika's concert?
    • Presumably, the parameters of the wager were very much confined to this beach where Verosika was scheduled to perform; ergo, the clients lined up at Blitzo's discount flyer got to pay half of I.M.P.'s usual rate to choose a random target on that beach for them to take out, purely For the Evulz.
  • For what reason does Verosika and her gang have to agree to I.M.P.'s blackmail? Yes, there's the threat that she could get in trouble for the accidental giant catfish causing interference in the human world, but don't I.M.P. interfere with the human world all the time by killing people there? Why can't Verosika just report them for doing the same thing?
    • Verosika was out of rehab to do a job for somebody. One of the assumptions is that she is actually on probation. If she messes this up, she gets locked up in rehab again. Hell is ultra capitalistic, Hell has rehab, people in Hell can literally own other people. Potentially, the sequence of events is: Verosika is too addicted to be useful, so whoever "owns" her forces her into rehab to make her useful. Some time passes and whoever "owns" her needs to test whether she is now useful or not. If she fails the test she goes back into rehab (at best). At worst, the "owner" concludes she cannot be made useful and gets rid of her by killing her. Any trouble during the test means she fails. Getting arrested for starting an orgy is probably an expected risk of the job. Getting arrested for killing people is not.
    • Also, the succubi are one step higher on Hell's hierarchy than imps, AND Verosika's a famous star. If I.M.P. is somehow excused for murdering folks on Earth, what's stopping Verosika from using her higher status to fake innocence or pin the blame of the catfish on Blitzo and his company?
      • As Millie points out, the flask is clearly Verosika's, and the fish was changed by Beezeljuice, which Verosika drinks constantly and would be known to do so, especially since she had just got out of rehab. Her employers, and any other higher-ups, would see her as an obvious suspect for it, whereas I.M.P. would have no signs of using that alcohol, nor taking it to Earth with them. Hell might have a hierarchy, but it doesn't seem to be so much one that would enable Verosika to get away with something that is clearly her fault, more she's just given more respect and some degree of notoriety for being a succubus and a pop-star, but in terms of serious matters she's not more or less above suspicion, as nobody in Hell actually cares about her or anyone beneath them on a general level. As stated above, if she's a liability to Hell, her ass is out, no questions asked, especially with something as serious as transforming an Earth creature in a way that directly points to supernatural influence, and by accident, which would make Verosika look too sloppy and reckless to be trusted to do her job. All the I.M.P. team would have to do is say to someone higher-up, like say Verosika's employers, that she had been the one definitively responsible, and point out all that they saw and knew about what went down, and Verosika would be done. Also, Millie killed it, which would help make it less of a spectacle than if it had just rampaged, so they would have the "We were there too, but we helped lessen how bad it was" card to play if pushed, and Verosika's gang don't seem to have weapons like I.M.P. does, so that would point against them having killed it, and humans would've used bombs or bullets. Essentially, everything pointed to Verosika being the one to cause that disaster, and I.M.P. had things pointing away from them having done it, so Verosika didn't have much chance of being believed if she tried to fake innocence or pin the blame on the Immediate Murder Professionals. She's in a better position respect-wise, but not in so good a position she can just get out of whatever she wants. She's famous and looked down on less, but isn't connected like some elites and crime bosses in the real world. She's more like a lackey of such powerful people, safe as long as she doesn't step out of line too much, but helpless on her own. Also, she didn't seem to think of that anyway, since all she could come up with is jabbing at them for openly killing the fish, not a smart way to threaten someone who solved a problem you caused, and then that they aren't in disguises, which didn't have any obvious problems as already pointed out.

  • Why was the heavenly organization C.H.E.R.U.B's advertisement aired on a Hell TV station in the first place?
    • Heaven is shown to be a planet in the sky in Hazbin Hotel, so they could receive radio waves from up there.
    • Heaven for all of its apparent purity also has a serious problem with pride as shown by Cletus during his emotional breakdown. Despite probably knowing it's just plain cruel, they can't help rubbing it in hells collective faces how much better they've got it.
  • If Lyle and Loopty's machine only aged them because they accidentally set it to age them up, why didn't Lyle just change the machine's setting to de-age him and go back in?
    • Lyle missed Loopty so much he tried to commit suicide. Even if he could, he had no reason to get his youth back.
    • In addition to the above, it could be the machine straight up didn't work the way they intended it to. Loopty flat out admitted that they both jumped into the machine together without any prior human testing due to overconfidence in their inventing abilities. Lyle may have paid someone to go in after the fact and test the proper setting, only to find out that the reversed ageing function didnt even work, even though the age acceleration did. Thus further contributing to his initial state of completely giving up on life, having lost both his best friend and his youth in one fell swoop.
    • The EMTS could have destroyed the Control Panel to unlock the door, or alternatively, the Police shut it down to investigate potential foul play in Loopy's death.
    • Lyle's health was too fragile at that point to withstand the strain the machine would put on his body. Using it would be a death sentence in of itself and pointedly a much more painful terrifying death sentence then simple asphyxiation. After all Loopty aged with him and suffered a massive heart attack/heart failure that probably wasn't just due to his age.
  • Loopty claims to have died on the very same day he hired I.M.P. to kill Lyle. If that's the case, how was Lyle able to profit so heavily off the age-altering invention on the same day it was perfected?
    • They already had a multi-billion dollar corporation before inventing the age-altering device.
  • Who hired C.H.E.R.U.B? Cleetus just said they were there “on behalf of those who benefited from his advances.”
    • Presumably exactly that, people in heaven whose lives were improved by Loopty and Lyle's inventions. Given the age machine, the two may have invented other medical adjacent devices that improved the lives of eventually heavenbound souls. Thus giving them enough of a following and good reputation that one or several someones wanted to keep Lyle from ending it after thr accident.
    • On that note, how does C.H.E.R.U.B decide who to save at any given time? There’s three of them, and they work together, to cover 7 Billion (and counting!) people on earth. They seem to be the only freelance guardian Angel agency, so are some requests not getting fulfilled?
      • It may be possible that C.H.E.R.U.B is a much bigger organization than that of I.M.P. Blitzo just started with two other imps and a hellhound. Meanwhile, we've only seen Cletus, Colin, and Keenie. Now that they are kicked out, there may be a chance they will be replaced.
      • More likely that C.H.E.R.U.B. really is only the three of them, but they're not safeguarding the entire population of Earth from death, people die all the time after all, they specifically preserve the lives their clients ask them to. They're a foil to I.M.P., who very specifically kill mortals for revenge purposes and find themselves occasionally struggling to drum up enough business. And remember, Hell, namely the Pride ring where sinners live, has a massive overpopulation problem. There probably simply aren't enough people in Heaven to make C.H.E.R.U.B. overly busy.
  • If Blitzo didn’t feel that death by accident caused by the cherubs counts as a successful assassination, then why was he going to let, and then later convince, Lyle to commit suicide?
    • It likely wasnt the fact that he died by accident which caused his death to be a failure. Remember, the main reason C.H.E.R.U.B. was there was to remind him of the beauty of the world and convince him to not kill himself and use his remaining life in a better way. Which could be considered a form of repentance. And Loopty's specific desire was to see Lyle sent to hell. So him being convinced to want to live and then being killed may have been cause for his his soul being sent to heaven had he not been a ruthless capitalist who experimented on the poor. Additionally, in many religious circles, suicide is considered to be a sin, or at least a reason to be denied entrance to heaven. With Loopty's specific desire being to have Lyle sent to hell, him willingly "committing die" would have likely been a completely acceptable way to go since doing so would condemn him to hell either way.
  • Do angels need to be in disguise while on earth, since the cherubs are shown to be out in the open multiple times.
    • They've never needed disguises.
    • If descriptions and depictions of cherubim are to be believed, those forms WERE their disguises.
  • If C.H.E.R.U.B. are required to save human lives, then where were they when I.M.P. were slaughtering a bunch of people during “Spring Broken”? Sure, they can’t be there for every death, but surely they should respond to, y’know, a mass murder taking place.
    • Because, like I.M.P, they have to be commissioned to do so by the deceased; Sinners hire I.M.P to kill someone they hate, Saints hire(well, more like ask) C.H.E.R.U.B to protect someone they love. Only other difference is that I.M.P requires payment while C.H.E.R.U.B refuses payment.
  • If Loopty had just died how does he already have the money to pay I.M.P. in advance? The saying goes "You can't take it with you" and he is unlikely to be able to access his Earthy bank accounts. Its not clear to me if you can keep any personal items you have on you when you die, as it seems your appearance changes quite a bit and Loopty was shown wearing different clothes when he died. Even then he would be limited to the money he had in his pockets at the time.
    • We still don't have much info about if sinners can take anything from Earth with them to Hell. Being a rich inventor, it's likely that Loopty was carrying around a fairly large sum of cash. And even if he wasn't, he probably gave his new demon abilities a quick test run by robbing a bank.
  • How did Moxxie and Millie get tied together and thrown into the wreckage of the rigging Blitzo was standing on? Presumably, they were still spinning through the air. Did Keenie and Collin get a random boost in competence and suddenly capture the rapidly-spinning, heavily-armed imps?
    • Their spinning may have gotten them entangled in some stage rigging. Or even the rope they were holding onto once it snapped.
  • Why did Loopty lie about his motivations for hiring I.M.P.? They'd be happy to accept his money either way.
    • We as the audience know that I.M.P. is on hard times, but Loopty doesn't. He probably thought it would be better to play it safe rather than risk having I.M.P. refuse to do the job.
    • Blitzo appeared incredulous about Loopty's reasons for wanting Lipton dead after the fact, since none of it explained how exactly this constituted a reason to want him dead. As said above, Loopty was probably worried about them not taking the job on account of it not being for revenge. So he made up his flimsy reason that Blitzo ended up accepting on the spot.
      • To the both of you, it's not a matter of I.M.P. being financially desperate, it's the fact that they're freaking demonic hit men (and women). Someone like that would be as unfettered as it gets. In the pilot they were shown taking a job from a murderer to off the dude who caught him burying the body for crying out loud. Why would they suddenly get cold feet just because the client had less-than-vile motives? It's not like they're doing it For the Evulz.
      • Loopy didn't know that, though. He had just arrived to Hell, he probably assumed I.M.P (and demons in general) were much ruthless than they already are.
      • Okay, you've got a good point there. I honestly should've been able to think of that.
    • I got the impression he wasn't lying and he really was mad at his old partner. It seemed like he just changed his mind once he was reunited with his friend.
  • Why didn't Lyle simply set the ageing machine to the proper setting and climb back in?
    • A few potential reasons. He was clearly in bad shape when the paramedics found him, as he immediately had to be put on oxygen, so he wouldnt have gotten the chance. Fear his body wouldn't survive the strain of the machine given his age. Was immediately taken to the hospital and then his home, and couldn't convince anyone to take him back to the lab to try. Remember, he was incredibly feeble due to advanced age and likely couldn't make the trip under his own power. So if the people overseeing his health refused to take him, for reasons such as his worrisome health or thinking he was just rambling insanely due to his new age, he would be helpless to do anything about it.
      • The paramedics would've found a famous Mad Scientist who was no older than his thirties just last week, now clearly old and decrepit, sitting in the chamber of a machine labeled the "De-age-ifier," with a lever labeled "old" and "young." Why on Earth would they dismiss his claims that the machine could restore him to the proper age as "rambling insanely"?
      • Its also possible the machine just didn't work as intended, unable to restore his youth, which is likely much harder to do than rapid aging.
    • Lyle was clearly depressed after the whole affair. He likely wasn't thinking straight about how he could undo the damage. He was too devastated by the death of his friend, his ruined health, and how he'll have to say goodbye to his money and so jumped to the immediate extreme. Then he had I.M.P and C.H.E.R.U.B. pestering him the whole time afterwards, giving him no time to think about the De-age-ifier.
  • Instead of waiting for Lyle to kill himself, why didn't I.M.P. just kill him themselves?
    • This question has already been answered, both on this very page, and on the Fridge page for this show, and I will directly quote the latter: "I.M.P not killing Lyle directly may seem unusual considering their line of work. But remember, this was an unusual job. Before, I.M.P was just killing with no stipulation on where the soul went. This job specifically requires Lyle to end up in Hell, and suicide is considered by some as a one way ticket. I.M.P trying to convince Lyle to commit suicide is not them being lazy with the job, its a guarantee Lyle ends up in hell."
      • Except you're missing two things:
1. Shouldn't Lyle's experiments on the poor and such be enough to send him to hell? I'm pretty sure Loopty and Lyle's experimenting on poor folks was brought up within the episode.2. Why not shoot Lyle before the cherubs are actually successful in convincing him to live?
  • I.M.P. just didn't think of it, or figured that if Heaven was already willing to give him a chance, then his already present sins were either forgiven, or at least wouldn't be enough to damn him on their own, but they were wrong. Or, they just didn't remember that or pay attention when Loopty told them. Or, more likely and mentioned on the Fridge page already, they were worried about inciting the Cherubs wrath by killing him, or some combination of all of them.
  • Why is Moxxie suddenly fine with the slaughter of innocent people in the theater? He struggled with Martha before she'd revealed her batshit side in Murder Family, and in Spring Broken he told Blitzo that they need to focus on actual listed clients rather than going up to massacre. None of the humans at the opera were listed targets from what I know of.
    • He either got over it after Murder Family, as he's shown in the newest Truth Seekers to be willing to kill people who attack him rather viciously and most notably to me gives a Slasher Smile before they get started on the agents, or he was too busy focusing on the Cherubs and...well, getting busy with his wife, to notice or care, and after that they had to leave in a hurry. A third possibility is he considered it not the same as directly killing innocent people since the people in the theater weren't who they were aiming for so Moxxie might have rationalized it as an accident, like when they dropped the stage-light on the opera singer. Moxxie just might have a problem, all along or have changed to it, with killing innocent people on purpose for the most part, but collateral damage or accidents are something he might want to avoid, but not make as big a fuss over.
     The Harvest Moon Festival 
  • Why would Stella hire someone to kill Stolas when she could have targeted Blitzo instead; the very imp that her husband not only tolerates the most, but fancies enough to blatantly have an affair with?
    • Blitzo is single and has no obligation to Stella—his only connection to her is through Stolas. Stolas, on the other hand, is her husband who is deciding to cheat on her and spit all over their marriage vows. Further, there is a power imbalance that means it's more likely that Stolas approached/seduced Blitzo first rather than the imp convincing Stolas to start the affair—Stolas can say no if a commoner tries to woo him, but it would be much harder for an imp to refuse a demon prince.
    • It's also likely that Stella considers an Imp like Bitzo so far beneath her, that it's not worth taking revenge directly on him. To her, arranging for the assassination of an Imp would be tantamount to arranging the assassination of a goat or a pig. She likely doesn't even bother with remembering Blitzo's name or that it was a specific Imp that Stolas cheated on her with.
    • Granted, this could all change when she realizes that Blitz is the one who is interfering in the assassination attempts, having no choice but to deem him a threat.
    • Firstly, Blitzo isn't her husband and isn't the one who's cheating on her. Secondly, considering that she gives the assassination orders in front of Stolas at the dinner table, it's probably less about trying to actually kill him and more like escalating her temper tantrum from yelling and throwing his potted plants across the room. It's just about getting his attention and causing him trouble.
    • Another possibility is personal benefit. Killing Blitzo doesn't get her anything besides a dead Imp. But if Stolas were to die, she might stand to benefit from his TRAGIC demise and inherit his status and such.
    • If Blitzo died, it's likely that Stolas would find another imp to have fun with as well. I mean, it seems like their marriage has been going bad before Stolas met Blitzo.
     Truth Seekers 
  • How did the agents gain specific footage of the imps? Granted the footage is reused episode clips but certain areas and angles such as in the woods, on a beach, and the rafters of a theater would make camera exposure extremely unlikely.
    • Maybe they used drones.
  • Why didn't Stolas just kill all the agents? Leaving a few alive would be far too risky, especially given the ending.
    • There's a strange sort of sense in this. The last Stolas saw of these agents, they were near-comatose with terror because of his interference. All of those monitors Stolas knocked over proves they have some kind of surveillance in the place, and there is still an entire compound worth of bodies left behind. Let's say Stolas does kill everyone—anyone who comes looking would naturally wonder what the hell happened, and with no witnesses left to spill the beans checking the security footage would be the logical next step. Leaving someone alive with the message "Do NOT mess with these imps, or else you have to deal with me," gives them a chance to go "Holy shit, we have to erase everything and never tell a soul". Unfortunately Stolas seems to have underestimated the Agents' determination; had they been weaker-willed, they may well have swept everything under the rug for fear of incurring Stolas' wrath again.
    • There's the implication that the agents aren't taken seriously by the higher-ups. Stolas probably expect said higher-ups to assume the agents did all the killing and faked the footage. He also has some connections in the human world who could get rid of the agents if they get too troublesome.
    • Stolas says as much of the above when he finishes terrifying the agents. People like them are not believed commonly, and seen as kooks, so what risk is there really, at least in Stolas' mind? The OP question was answered in the episode by Stolas himself.
  • Related to the above, how can the agents consider this a triumph? Sure, they have proof that demons exist, but absolutely nothing to combat them. Most of their fellow agents are dead. They don't know why I.M.P comes to the human world, so it's not like they can predict where they'll pop up next. And while they were at least able to put up a fight against I.M.P, they were completely powerless to do anything against Stolas. The knowledge that there are potentially countless other demons just as or more powerful than Stolas, including Lucifer, is not a victory, it's terrifying.
    • They don't have any way to fight the more powerful demons because no one takes them seriously. But now that they have proof, they'll have vastly more resources at their disposal to research ways to fight them.
    • Said evidence may also be submitted to various religious organizations all over the world so that they will have a chance to prepare themselves. Given the show's penchant for Black Comedy, however, it's likely that instead of being comprised of well-trained adult, an elite demon-hunting group will have a bunch of part-timing Ordinary High-School Student as members. It will be a chance to poke fun at a well-established anime trope.
    • Again, that's assuming anyone even believes that this footage is legitimate in the first place. They already had videos of I.M.P during past episodes, including one where Millie killed that giant demon fish, and they're still not taken seriously. What's to stop people from just assuming the footage is just really elaborate CGI or practical effects? And as mentioned a few points previously, not even the bodies of the dead agents are proof because their superiors will just think they snapped and killed everyone themselves or had somebody else to do it. These guys are the kind of overdramatic nutcases who arm their agents with Edo-period weapons just because it looked cool. It's not a stretch to assume that they went off the deep end, tore the place up with weapons, and blamed it on demons or sicced some dogs on them and said it was from a hellhound.
    • There's a 50/50 chance that the footage will somehow get leaked onto the internet even if Agent One and Two continues to be considered as kooks. It will not only attract the attention of the aforementioned religious organizations, but also countless wizards, sorcerers, occultists, etc. of varying reputations and philosophies. If they meet, it's an Anchorman-style free-for-all brawl ready to happen.
  • Why was Moxxie wearing a Pimped-Out Dress in Blitz's hallucination? I mean what does that symbolize? Because while everyone is talking about they symbolism of Blitz and Stolas' relationship dynamic, no one points out the reason why Moxxie's clothes switch from his usual tux to a ballgown.
    • That's probably the result of Moxxie's The Phantom of the Opera hallucination bleeding into Blitzo's. The dress and the haughty way Moxxie carries himself almost makes him seem like Carlotta. Naturally, Blitzo would consider Moxxie a prima-donna, but it also ties into their relationship and reconciliation. Carlotta is humiliated during a performance by the Phantom's sabotage and goes into hiding. Blitzo, essentially Moxxie's Phantom, constantly belittles and harasses Moxxie but is ultimately afraid that Moxxie will leave, which Moxxie himself voices by asking "Are you worried that one day I'll get tired of it?" and then fading away once Blitzo snaps at him. But Carlotta eventually returns to the opera house later, just as Blitzo and Moxxie come to bury the hatchet.
    • This troper wonders if it might also be an indication that Blitzo views Moxxie as potential competition should Stolas ever get tired of him - Moxxie is more cultured and more educated, and as shown in "C.H.E.R.U.B." is willing to dress up in traditionally female clothes when the situation calls for it (even changing his body language to match the outfit he's in), meaning he'd be easier to dress up like some China doll pet. In "Loo Loo Land," Moxxie is also the one to explain why Blitzo has gone AWOL in the third act, and speaks with Stolas on a professional but familiar level; later on in "Truth Seekers," it appears to be Moxxie who reaches out and physically pulls Stolas' hand from Blitzo's face when the Prince is dressing the group down. Both of these indicate a level of respectful fearlessness that Stolas doesn't even seem bothered by. It might be that Blitzo believes that Moxxie would make a better plaything for Stolas, and that Stolas himself might one day decide the same if Blitzo once again sabotages the relationship. Notice that Blitzo doesn't snarl at Moxxie the second time until after Moxxie sets foot on the staircase, picks up one of the leftover feathers, and transforms.
      • That, or Blitzo's mind is working against him again even under the effects of the truth serum, and what we're seeing is the beginning of another self-destructive spiral that could lead him to ultimately sabotage one or both of his relationships with these two, as well.
  • What exactly happened at Blitzo and Moxxie's capture? One second the combatants were standing off and suddenly, one of the agents press a button on the side of his gun and the imps are suddenly electrocuted. I didn't see any taser lines being fired nor did I see any mines/gadgets on the ground. What just happened?
    • At that point, Moxxie was shot with an injection but it was still in his body. I think that injection was electric. Although it is the web gun that does the charging sound before electrocution. Might be a charge inside the injection.
  • Even if nobody believed the footage that D.H.O.R.K had of the imps before Blitzo and Moxxie were captured was legit, shouldn't the giant demon fish be proof enough? A carcass that huge near a public beach is not going to go unnoticed and would certainly have people uploading multiple videos of it online. And what about the marine biologists who would be chomping at the bit to examine this giant unknown, vaguely demonic-looking sea creature? Wouldn't they find traces of Verosika's Beelzejuice in its bloodstream?
    • Likely they either didn't do any of that, because stupid humans, or they did investigate, but what would that actually prove about demons since to anyone in the real world and the Earth of Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel investigating this thing, it would be some bizarrely mutated fish with some unknown substance in its system. Without a means to know what is and isn't specifically from Hell/demons the investigation into what the fuck happened to that poor fish would still be open, and any "impossible/unprovable theories" would be discarded, or only considered, but not taken as worthy of specific investigation attention. If they'd captured it alive, or better, gotten a hold of the Beezljuice flask and could test the similarity to its contents, that would've given a more concrete "this came from sentient beings, and what we do with it shows it has strange effects on Earth, so this may not have come from Earth, and is perhaps supernatural due to how beyond normal reach these effects are". This is likely part of the reason D.H.O.R.K. was so focused on interrogating and capturing the I.M.P. crew, as they can give more concrete information that can give humanity a definitive concept of what Hell and demons are compared to Earth, and how to detect and define what their influence is and isn't.
  • Could Blitzo and Moxxie hear each other while they were hallucinating? While they spoke in different tones and meters the general topics were pretty similar between the two hallucinations.
    • Nothing definitive for it really from the episode, but the implication seems to be that the two different hallucinations were connected in some way, but considering that this is some fictional truth serum that two supernatural demons were breathing in, my guess at least is that it was literally a shared hallucination, in that the two were out of it, and seeing and hearing different things, but it having that similar subject matter at certain points was because they were both coming from the same thing.

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