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Headscratchers / Hellstar Remina

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  • Suffice to say, I'm pretty sure gravity doesn't work very well with planets as much as it did in the story. Maybe this was just a case of Art Major Physics?
  • Was it ever explained what the hell was up with the cultist's tongue when he licked Remina's face?
    • Nope. Given its appearance, there's a good chance that he has some connection to the planet Remina. Maybe it's pissed off that it's been named for such a small creature, maybe it's just trying to play with humanity and see what it can make them do, or maybe it and the cultist actually do have a link to her. The author didn't see fit to explain.
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    • That particular cultist did turn out to be her biggest fan, who's presumably mundane, so his tongue could have simply been drawn to look similar to the planet's as a parallel to what was happening (he licked human-Remina as planet-Remina licked the Earth) and it was otherwise a normal human tongue in-universe.
  • So, what on God's green Earth did Remina actually do to get so famous? There's never any hint that she has any unusual talents, she actually looks fairly typical, and her only claim to fame is having a planet named after her because it happened to be discovered by her father. There are plenty of astrological bodies named for people (although usually not living people), so that makes very little sense.
    • Not a damn thing as far as we know. The whole thing seems to be An Aesop about celebrities and how everyone can worship you for very little reason and then turn on you for even less reason. There are plenty of people on Earth who seem to be famous for no discernible reason at all, sometimes it seems like they're just famous for being famous.
    • It seems like she was a typical idol, given that we see her giving live performances, getting TV roles, ect, and she's likely supposed to be at least fairly pretty considering the reporters at the award ceremony comment positively on her looks. Of course her fame was considerably boosted thanks to her father's prominence, but it could have been An Aesop about the notoriously cutthroat world of J-idols in addition to a more general one about celebrity as a whole.

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