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  • While many decide to invoke the MST3K Mantra when viewing this movie, there are still a few glaring holes that deserve speculation.
    • For instance, why did the Loc-nar explode after relating the last tale of Taarna's sacrifice to Grimaldi's daughter? Did it bore itself to death?
      • Leaving aside that it may have been doing so in a last ditch effort to attempt to kill Taarna's reincarnation, why didn't it just try to dissolve her? It's not like it had much trouble taking care of Grimaldi...
      • Presumably it has an easier time dissolving regular humans than Taarakians.
      • It's possible the Loc-nar wasn't just telling stories, but giving the girl insight into things happening simultaneously across time and multiple universes, which is implied when it begins telling the last story (it says something like "at the end of your world", so it's showing her the future). It's likely Taarna destroying the future Loc-nar resonated with the version of the Loc-nar currently viewing that future and destroyed it.
      • Possibly driving the next designated Taarakian to abject despair was the only way it could ensure she wouldn't just be reborn again someplace else.
  • Many think that Taarna's outfit is too skimpy and impractical. However, there were some warrior cultures in the past where going to war in the buff was not only a thing....but a sign of being a total badass who not afraid to fight without armor. Plus, the idea may be that it allows for better movement. Everything in the Taarna story also takes place on a desert planet.
    • Also, considering she'd already failed to defend the people she's avenging, she quite possibly could have Death Seeker tendencies. Furthermore, if reincarnation is the norm for Taarakians, then she doesn't necessarily need to fear death as much as most warriors; indeed, capture and/or crippling injury could be a worse outcome in her case.

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