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Headscratchers / Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

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  • Why are you so stunned that the Witch Princess and Harvest Goddess know your name, but don't bat an eye when the Harvest Sprites reveal the same knowledge?
    • Possibly because if you do something wrong they could kill you. What's the worst a Harvest Sprite could do? Get stuck in your shoe when you step on it?
      • Perhaps the Harvest Goddess and the Witch Princess are modifying your memory?
  • You can't make boiled eggs or steamed milk without being told how first? Really?
    • You lost a lot of brain cells while being battered around by the storm. Not to mention you don't have a T.V. or computer, so you might go a little loopy.
  • Why are you the one who has to pay for bridge and road repair? Does no one else in town use them?
    • They're all lazy jerks and know you're going to be the one to do it, so why bother when someone else will do all the work?
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    • Maybe the roads and bridges are built because you finally paid your part, while everyone else paid their part some time ago.
      • Which creates more Fridge Logic. Why doesn't anyone bug me to pay my part so the bridge/road can finally be repaired?
  • People will leave the island if you ignore them, regardless of their relationship to other people? (Temporarily, in most cases, but still)
    • Because thy're really self-conscious and beg for your approval.
      • And because you're the one with all the money and crops and jewels so you're the only one worth knowing.
  • (No Fridge Logic here, just bile): Okay, weeds are a part of the Harvest Moon series since forever. But where the screaming blue hell do those sticks and rocks keep coming from?!
    • My guess is that, since you're so close to water, any huricane or heavy rain washes them on land.
  • Why did the original island population leave? Even when some of the old residents pop back up, they don't say.
    • This one does get answered by unlocking Annabelle: They were chased away by bad weather. Of course that begs the question of why they didn't come back when things stabilized.
    • Supposedly, Shea was one of the residents, or whatever.
      • They probably settled elsewhere and were happy enough. It's only normal that they wouldn't return.
  • In sunshine islands, there is not one married couple. Usually every game has at least one or two happy couples along side the single parets, but all of them are single in this game for some reason, maybe the islands attract single people?
    • Yep, like those cruise ships for desperate people in their 30's.

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