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Headscratchers / Happy Death Day 2U

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Warning! All spoilers will be unmarked!

    Alt!Ryan's motivation 
  • So what was the deal with the Alt!Ryan in the beginning that was trying to kill our Ryan? All he said to explain himself was that they needed to kill Ryan to fix the time loop, but it never comes up again throughout the entire movie. Not even after Tree gets back to her own reality, in which Alt!Ryan is conspicuously absent.
    • It may be that Alt!Ryan was sent back to his own reality in the same event that displaced Tree, but I agree that his presence was confusing.
    • I think it's sorta hero of another story. In some other loop or alternate timeline, Ryan caused this doppelganger problem. It's ultimately irrelevant beyond getting Tree to focus on the machine.
    • It's been stated that there's a potential third film in the works.
  • Also, what happens to Alt!Ryan at the end of the film?
    • He's not present when everyone wakes up so he was probably sent back to his own universe like Tree was.

    Carter's mouth-guard 
  • Carter reveals that he's looking for his mouth guard each morning when Tree wakes up. He says he wears it because he grinds his teeth in his sleep, so why is he looking for it in the morning, after he's already gotten up?
    • He might have been drinking a bit at that party too and didn't put them in.
    • It could have fallen out during the night or he misplaced it while he was getting changed after waking up.

    Tombs' original fate 
  • At the beginning of the movie, Tree says that Tombs is dead. But in the first film's last loop, only Lori was killed. Of course, Tree has been through so many loops that she might have difficulty keeping track of what happened and what didn't so maybe she just misspoke.
    • Maybe he was Killed Offscreen?
    • By who?
    • It's quite possible that Tombs would get the death penalty and was killed offscreen through that. Most likely the case, as he was chained to a hospital bed. That, or perhaps he died of unrelated injuries (I mean, he was in the hospital anyways.)
      • When Tree comes to find Tombs in the first loop of the new universe, his bed is empty not because he's escaped, but because he's been taken down to the OR (the operating room). Which confirms that he had some kind of injury.
      • The first movie says that he was being treated for a gunshot wound, so that's probably why he was in the OR.

    Tree's injuries 
  • It's established that Tree retains a degree of her injuries during every loop, and both films highlight the threat that she could die permanently. However, some loops have her just as strong as the first loops, and she outright ignores her injuries near the end of the film anyways, so how does she end up doing the feats at the end of the film if she could barely get out of bed in the second to last loop?
    • Explosions seem to reset that, as her body is incinerated.

    Tree's Anger 
  • When Tree finds out about Sissy and the related experiment, she's very angry. Why? If not for the time loop, she'd have been killed... shouldn't she be grateful?
    • In theory, yes. But because of the time loop, she had to endure multiple deaths so it's difficult to feel grateful after experiencing that.
    • She's also probably annoyed at the fact that, the morning after she thinks she's finally done with the time-looping craziness, she's immediately dragged back into it.
    • There's also the fact that this revealed she wasn't being looped due to some cosmic significance, rather just due to, as she directly put it, "a scientific fluke."

    Original Killer 
  • So, does the multiple Ryan incident factor back into the original time loop? Is it meant to suggest that Tree could never escape the Babyface Killer not because it was simply a very-determined Lori, but because it was a time-traveler (possibly herself) trying to eliminate a paradox?
    • Probably not. There's no suggestion in the first movie that there's a second Tree trying to kill her.

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