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  • So why did Something Else Also Rises happen? It makes no sense if you know the end.
    • It makes more sense, actually. There's a reason that slang for when a woman is aroused is that she's "wet".
  • Not being a fan of games, I have to ask were are the monsters from?
    • Those are the Covenant troops from HALO.
      • OK now that I know that, Where are the Metroid goons?
      • There aren't any in this video. Which makes sense. Metroid goons are somehwere off on some planet far away. The video takes place on Earth. Samus is a long way away from home for no apparent reason (it's best not to overthink this video too much).
  • Are Chief and Samus dating or do I need my shipping goggles fixed agin?
    • Crotch-zappy indicates that even if they aren't, MC is definitely interested.
  • Why was Samus more agile outside of her power armor when in Metroid: Zero Mission, she was just as agile in the power armor? On the same note, how did Samus lose her suit in one hit from an energy sword when she's always had truckloads of health in the games?
    • She didn't lose it from the energy sword. She lost it from firing her Zero Laser that she used to stop the dropship pushed her direction from crushing her. As for why she's more agile, the short seems to be taking direction from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where Samus is more agile outside of her power suit.
      • If that was the Zero Laser, why did she use it instead of just rolling out of the way in morph ball, screw attacking through the Pelican, or tanking the hit with her health reserves? There was no need to use the Zero Laser, especially when Nicole managed to keep fighting through worse.
      • Rule of Cool.
    • In Smash Bros. and later confirmed in official Metroid materials, While Samus isn't as physically strong or versatile without her Power Suit, she's also a hell of a lot more agile and fast due to not being weighed down by it. As to why she opted for the Zero Laser instead of something else, she had already used all of her tricks on MC and MC was STILL fighting back. If the Zero Laser wasn't going to work, it probably would have been a wise idea to change her fighting style entirely while at the same time screwing with MC's focus on the fight.


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