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Headscratchers / Halo 2

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  • Why did the Heretic Leader shoot at the Arbiter before he could ask the Monitor about Halo? If he wanted him to know the truth, then he would have at least let him talk to the Monitor.
  • Why would Miranda Keyes abandon her ship to go get the Index? Especially in a place filled with Flood(where she can easily be infected)?
    • Probably a mixture of wanting to follow in her father's legacy, and mounting casualties requiring her direct presence to retrieve a very critical mission objective.
  • Truth replaced the Elites with Brutes as the leading force of the Covenant because they failed to protect Regret, yet the Brutes let a single Flood infection form latch onto Mercy and Truth just leaves him to die because "the Great Journey waits for no one". How much time would be lost pulling the infection form off of him?
    • It's a political move to get the Elites out of the way and replace them with the more obedient Brutes, and also get Regret out of the picture.
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  • Why does Miranda Keyes order the Chief to kill Regret? Why not capture him and bring him back to earth as a high value POW?

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