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Headscratchers / Half-Life 2

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  • If Gordon Freeman is wearing his HEV suit, which covers almost all of his body except his head, how come he can bleed through the suit and onto walls?
    • The same reason people blood goes through clothes when people are shot - bullets make holes. The reason the HEV isn't completely torn to shreds by the end of the game is because it's self-repairing.
  • Why does the HEV suit lack head protection?
    • Other HEV suits do have helmets, so maybe someone stole Gordon's?
    • Alternate explanation: the suit DOES have a helmet. The HUD Gordon sees has to come from somewhere. The only place Gordon is actually seen without his helmet is in the artwork. The game is played in first person, meaning you never actually get a good look at yourself in-game. Gordon could easily be wearing his helmet during most of the actual gameplay.
  • How does Gordon survive being shot in the head many times and yet continue on with no ill effects?
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  • In Episode 2, during the drive to the launch site, there's a tunnel that's been blocked off by the Combine, forcing you to take a detour. During the detour, there's an ambush, and after blasting your way clear, you get to the other side of the tunnel, and it's collapsed. Now, why bother with the ambush when they could've just left the door open and shut it behind us?
  • How exactly did Eli make it out of Black Mesa? Based on his dialogue, it's clear that he's the scientist that opens the door to the control room of the anti-mass spectrometer. Anyone that's played through the original game knows what lies between him and escape. Even assuming that he can take an exit that Gordon can't because he has scanner access, he would still have to make it past the instant-death beams in the anti-mass spectrometer's control room, as well as the laser hallway. Even then, that's just to get to the tram station, which thanks to the catwalk is completely unusable. I get that the G-Man probably helped him a bit, but we've seen that he's rarely direct, so Eli would still have to do a lot of the work himself. So again, how the hell did he get out of there?
    • WMG: Eli and Kleiner were one of the scientists that Barney escaped with.
    • Perhaps he's just that damn good.
  • Canonically, Eli Vance is the father of Alyx Vance. Alyx is Afro-Asian. However, this makes no goddamn sense, because look at her for five milliseconds and you get why. While Alyx certainly shows her mother's genes, her father's genes are literally nowhere to be found in her look. It's even more irritating since the Beta leak shows that she looked that way when her father was still a different character, who was white. Valve literally put no effort in making her look like she has a black dad after changing her story to that. That's just lazy and kinda insulting. It's pretty sad when some of FakeFactory's models are more realistic in her genetic makeup than Valve's.
    • It makes sense when you know basic genetics. Not every Afro-Asian kid is going to look the same, and naturally there will be people that lean more one way or another, just like how a white kid might look more like either parent. Eli's genes are most likely more recessive whilst her mother's are dominant.
  • Exactly how large is the Combine? We know that they control several universes, but how much of each universe they do control? They do not appear to have any interstellar travel technology. Their portals are explicitly said not to work for transporting within a single universe. It appears that they only can grab one planet per universe? This would make them horribly inefficient conquerors of universes. The notion that the Combine can be defeated at all hints towards this notion; if they would have complete control over several universes, this would make them a super-Kardashevian civilization and utterly undefeatable.
    • They likely repurporse local tech and are drawn to 'signatures' from high-tech stuff. They made the fatal mistake of assuming we're much further along than we are and assumed that if we're opening cross-dimensional travel, we must have stuff like decent space travel within our own universe.
      • The G-Man probably also supplied that Xen crystal in HL1 specifically to lure in the Combine. Ours just happened to be in the right zone to be undeveloped enough to cripple the Combine's presence here, but developed enough to see the experiment through and have a chance at reverse-engineering their tech (seen in the games) stopping them.
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  • How exactly did Alyx manage to single-handedly incapacitate (not kill) those metrocops when you first meet her?

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